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Contract Law

Text, Cases, and Materials

Eighth Edition

Ewan McKendrick

April 2018

ISBN: 9780198808169

1,088 pages

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Text, Cases, and Materials

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The market leading stand-alone guide to contract law from a leading lawyer: authoritative, comprehensive, and supportive



Celebrated and respected, this is the stand-alone guide to contract law. Written by Ewan McKendrick, it uses a unique balance of commentary, cases, and materials. Explaining, applying, and contextualizing, it shows students the law at work and helps them to gain a thorough understanding.

  • Written by an experienced author and leading authority in the field, renowned for his eloquent and accessible writing style
  • Combines author text with extracts from cases and materials; can be used as a stand-alone text on contract law
  • Extensive referencing throughout the book supports students as they undertake independent research
  • Complemented by an Online Resource Centre with extra material on illegality and incapacity, updates, and web links, encouraging students to explore the subject area further

New to this edition

  • Extracts and commentary on new key cases, including MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd v Rock Advertising Ltd, Marks and Spencer plc v. BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd, and Wood v Capita Insurance Services Ltd
  • A redeveloped chapter on interpretation of contracts
  • Updates on recent case law on agreements to agree, formalities, and damages

About the Author(s)

Ewan McKendrick, Professor of English Private Law and Registrar, University of Oxford

Ewan McKendrick is a Professor of English Private Law, Registrar of the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall. He is a Barrister at 3 Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn, London, a Bencher of Gray's Inn, and has published widely in the areas of contract law, commercial law, and tort law. He is one of the editors of Chitty on Contracts.

Table of Contents

    1: Introduction
    Part 1: Formation
    2: Agreement: Objective or subjective?
    3: Offer and acceptance
    4: Uncertain and incomplete agreements
    5: Consideration and promissory estoppel
    6: Formalities
    7: Intentions to create legal relations
    Part 2: Terms
    8: The terms of the contract
    9: Incorporation of terms
    10: Implied terms
    11: The interpretation of contracts
    12: Boilerplate clauses
    13: Exclusion clauses
    14: Unfair terms in consumer contracts
    15: Good faith
    Part 3: Setting the Contract Aside
    16: Mistake
    17: Misrepresentation
    18: Duress
    19: Undue influence
    20: Unconscionability and inequality of bargaining power
    21: Frustration and force majeure
    Part 4: Remedies for breach
    22: Breach of contract and termination
    23: Damages
    24: Specific performance
    Part 5: Third party rights
    25: Third parties


"Review from previous edition 'One of the most comprehensive accounts of contract law available... McKendrick's book will provide all that a contract law student will require in a text.' " - Times Higher Education

Additional Resources

The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes:
- Extra material with in-depth coverage of topics such as illegality and incapacity
- Updates on recent developments in the law
- Annotated web links to key sources of information on contract law
- Lecturer access to a test bank of multiple choice questions and answers

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