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Contemporary Political Philosophy

An Introduction

Second Edition

Will Kymlicka

September 2001

ISBN: 9780198782742

512 pages

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This edition of Will Kymlicka's best selling critical introduction to contemporary political theory has been fully revised to include discussion of the most recent literature on the various schools of thought. The book now includes two new chapters on citizenship and multiculturalism, in addition to updated chapters on utilitarianism, liberal egalitarianism, libertarianism, socialism, communitarianism, and feminism.

  • Will Kymlicka is the most distinguished political philosopher of his generation
  • Presents the most significant developments in contemporary Anglo-American political philosophy in a highly accessible but not simplistic way
  • Includes two new chapters on Citizenship Theory and Multiculturalism
  • All existing chapters are fully updated; the second edition also includes detailed guides to further reading in each chapter reading, with references the most important books, articles, journals and websites

About the Author(s)

Will Kymlicka, Professor of Philosophy, Queens University, Canada

Table of Contents

    3:Liberal Equality
    7:Citizenship Theory


Review of second edition: There is an effortless command of a range of arguments and theories, comprehensive and informed knowledge of the relevant sources, and a narrative which is highly accessible and at the same time organises the material intelligently. Kymlicka's own views are expressed but in a way that does not do a disservice to those he criticises. This is a fine example of an introductory text which does not mute its authors stance but which benefits from his partisan participation in the debates - Dr David Archard, University of St Andrews

Review of second edition: Kymlicka has an exceptional ability to present difficult material in an accessible manner that nevertheless allows the reader to understand why the issue is complex and why it matters. The chapters are clearly written, pitched at the right level, and cover the territory - Dr Matt Matravers, University of York

Review of second edition: (The) changes make this edition sill more attractive and useful than the first. Its depth, lucidity and rigour mark it out as one of the better introductions on the market for anyone who wishes seriously to engage with the important recent debates within contemporary liberal theory. It stands out as that rare introductory book that offers the hard analytical work required if one is really to get to grips with the issues. - THES

Review of first edition: Kymlicka has given us a superb book that might serve as a central text in both introductory and advanced courses in political philosophy...Kymlicka's striking achievement is to have presented a sophisticated philosophical analysis in clear, non-technical language readily intellible to any alternative reader... - David Stern, Teaching Philosophy

Review of first edition: ... For a higher-level undergraduate or graduate course on contemporary political philosophy it would be ideal. Moreover, it is a serious work in political philosophy deserving the attention and respect of the mature political-philosophical community - James Child, Philosophical Quarterly