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Consumer Behaviour

Third Edition

Isabelle Szmigin and Maria Piacentini

16 May 2022

ISBN: 9780198862567

616 pages

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A concise, fascinating, and practical guide to consumer behaviour, bringing essential theories to life through an impressive array of engaging international case studies.



A concise, fascinating, and practical guide to consumer behaviour, bringing essential theories to life through an impressive array of engaging international case studies.

  • The fascinating discipline of consumer behaviour is brought to life through practitioner insights, consumer insights, and end-of-chapter case studies helping readers link theory with real-life scenarios.
  • Students are invited to explore consumer behaviour around the world with international examples that include Ariel India's #ShareTheLoad campaign, the importance of celebrity endorsements in Asia, and French sportwear brand Veja's compelling, storytelling marketing.
  • Explores major marketing trends such as ethical and sustainable consumerism, and the latest advances in consumer behaviour technologies and social media use.
  • Covers the latest issues and developments in behavioural, psychological, and sociological thinking, exposing students to methods that are extensively used by real practitioners.

New to this edition

  • A new chapter on 'The Digital Consumer' exploring exciting topics such as big data, online influencers, artificial intelligence and ethical issues further adds currency and relevance to the student's understanding of consumer behaviour.
  • A new chapter on sustainable and ethical consumption covers core trends in this fast-evolving area, highlighting the challenges and opportunities this presents marketers with.
  • Extensively-refreshed Research Insights now include a new sub-feature, 'Think Critically', which encourages students to critically assess the research they read.
  • Half of the Practitioner Insights are new for this edition and feature professionals from a range of sectors including the award-winning PR and Digital Agency, Storm Communications; sustainable hyperlocal grocery delivery company, Subship; and charity founder of the flagship 'Dry January' event, Alcohol Change UK.
  • 36 new Consumer Insights and 10 new End-of-Chapter Case Studies showcase an even greater breadth of organizations and industries such as TikTok (social media), Cambridge Analytica (data mining), Asics (retail), Fender (music), McDonald's (fast food) and Spotify (audio streaming).
  • New mini video lectures feature the authors discussing key concepts and theories to further support students in their learning and revision.
  • A new 'Connect the Dots' feature summarises the theories explored in each chapter, highlighting their relevance in the broader context of consumer behavior.
  • Now available as an enhanced e-book with embedded digital resources providing a more engaging and flexible learning experience.

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
    1:A context for understanding consumer behaviour
    Part 2: Micro-View of Consumption
    2:Decision making
    Part 3: Macro-View of Consumption
    9:Patterns of buyer behaviour
    Part 4: Where Do We Go Next?
    12:Future trends


"Consumer Behaviour is up to date and full of relevant cases from a global, regional and national perspective with good consideration for the wider macro environment's impact on contemporary consumer behaviour. The later chapters on digital consumers and sustainability are increasingly relevant to the current generation of students." - Jennie White, University of Chicester

"This text provides everything you need to know to understand the basics of consumer behaviour. <i>Consumer Behaviour</i> is an accessible, neatly-packaged, contemporary text that bridges the gap between theory and practice." - Dr Ashleigh Logan-McFarlane, Edinburgh Napier University

"This text is academic yet current, relevant and easy to read. This is precisely why I want to use it for undergraduate students who haven't got much practice experience but need to learn how consumer behaviour concepts actually work in practice. This book does just that." - Dr Arie Barendregt RM MBA, Erasmus University Rotterdam

"Consumer Behaviour is contemporary, relevant and presents fresh approaches to issues relating to consumer behaviour in the 21st Century. Important contributions are provided to highlight the role that digital plays in consumption practices in a post-Covid world; and how cultural, sociological, psychological and technological aspects frame our daily consumer behaviour. The link between conceptual academic frameworks and leading-edge research practice is blended neatly with real-world case study examples and practice-based marketing principles to great effect. Strong use of diverse and global marketing examples to illustrate and underpin consumer behaviour principles are combined with student-related review, reflection and discussion topics, which ensures it is a practical text for use in-class. Practitioner input also gives the book a relevant up-to-date perspective on the main themes emerging in consumer behaviour studies." - Mr. Simon Wragg, University of Northampton

"Consumer Behaviour is a comprehensive textbook written in an accessible language with good and frequent examples. The questions for students and new, 'Think Critically' sections motivate students to put the knowledge into the context of their own lives and consider the ethical consequences of consumption / marketing." - Prof. Thyra Uth Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School

"Consumer Behaviour is an informative, theory-driven textbook that helps to bring the subject to life." - Dr Chris Raddats, University of Liverpool

"I have always described this text as a great introduction to consumer behaviour. I like its simplicity and application of theory to real world case studies and examples." - Carianne Wallace, Aston University

"Consumer Behaviour is an informative yet engaging text that showcases theory applied to practice." - Mr. Thomas McAlinden, University of Strathclyde

"Consumer Behaviour is a must-have for students studying consumer behavior." - Dr Letizia Alvino, Nyenrode Business University

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