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Competition Law of the EU and UK

Eighth Edition

Sandra Marco Colino

June 2019

ISBN: 9780198725053

656 pages

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Marco Colino is a concise and easy-to-follow introduction to competition law, which provides a clear and student-friendly way in to this highly technical subject.



A concise and easy-to-follow introduction to competition law, which provides a clear path through this highly technical subject. Rooted in the fundamental economic principles behind the law, this text balances theory with lively discussion of key cases and real-life applications of the law.

  • Clear and concise, providing targeted coverage of the essentials of competition law so that students can get to grips with this complex subject area
  • An engaging approach, focusing on competition law from an analytical comparative perspective, which allows students to appreciate the nuance and variation in competition law across the EU and UK
  • Visually appealing, using flowcharts and diagrams to help students to understand the steps in the application of the law
  • Rooted in everyday realities, with key case boxes to enable students to master competition law in context

New to this edition

  • Covers recent developments in the area of abuse of dominance, including the Intel case, the Google Shopping and Android decisions in the EU, and the Pfizer and Flynn Pharma cases in the UK
  • Discusses the clarifications made to the distinction between object and effect under Article 101(1) TFEU in Cartes Bancaires and subsequent case law
  • Focuses on the new cases relating to vertical issues in Pierre Fabre and Coty, and the recent fines imposed by the Commission for vertical price fixing
  • Provides an overview of the Damages Directive and the changes introduced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to damage claims in the UK, as well as the MasterCard litigation
  • Explores the changes introduced to UK competition law by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, including the new institutional framework, the revised cartel offence, and the modified UK merger control regime
  • Explains the most current trends relating to competition law, such as 'hipster antitrust' and algorithmic collusion
  • Considers the implications of Brexit for UK competition law and for the relationship between UK and EU law
  • Introduces students to the use of social media and other valuable web resources for learning and discussing competition law

About the Author(s)

Sandra Marco Colino, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sandra Marco Colino is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development, a Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network, the Managing Editor of the China Antitrust Law Journal, and a member of the Academic Board of Dictum Lawyers. She previously taught EU and competition law at the University of Glasgow. Called to the Madrid Bar, she holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence and an LLM in EU Law from the University Carlos III of Madrid. Since 2017, Sandra has been directing the Summer Schools on EU Competition Law for Asian officials at the College of Europe in Bruges.

Table of Contents

    1:Introduction to competition law
    2:The European Union and United Kingdom competition regimes
    3:The relationship between European Union and United Kingdom competition law
    4:International issues and the globalization of competition law
    6:Procedure-penalties and leniency arrangements
    7:Procedure-private enforcement
    8:The economics of agreements, collusion, and parallel conduct
    9:Agreements in the EU: the elements of article 101 TFEU
    10:Block exemption regulations under article 101 TFEU
    11:The Chapter I Prohibition
    12:The cartel offence
    13:The economics of monopoly abuse
    14:The elements of Article 102 TFEU
    15:The Chapter II Prohibition
    16:An analysis of the principal abusive practices
    17:UK market studies and investigation references
    18:An introduction to the economics of merger control
    19:The EU merger control regime and the treatment of joint ventures
    20:The UK merger control regime and the treatment of joint ventures
    21:State intervention: public undertakings and state aid
    22:Competition law and intellectual property
    23:The common law and competition


"The eighth edition of this popular text once again delivers as an engagingly written, comprehensive and practical guide to the EU and UK competition law." - Kathryn McMahon, European Competition and Regulatory Law Review

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