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Competition Law

Analysis, Cases, & Materials

Ioannis Lianos, Valentine Korah, and Paolo Siciliani

August 2019

ISBN: 9780198826545

1,784 pages

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This volume covers general concepts in competition law, providing a high-level introduction to key legal principles and the development of competition policy, featuring a substantial section on the economic context of competition law.



This volume covers general concepts in competition law, providing a high-level introduction to key legal principles and the development of competition policy, featuring a substantial section on the economic context of competition law.

  • The first of three volumes aiming to provide a comprehensive reference on EU and UK competition law
  • The only casebook available that provides a thorough analysis of the economics of competition law
  • A high-level introduction to the design and history of EU and UK competition law, including an overview of the main actors and their objectives

About the Author(s)

Ioannis Lianos, Professor of Global Competition Law and Public Policy, Faculty of Laws, University College London, Valentine Korah, Professor Emeritus of Competition Law, Faculty of Laws, University College London, and Paolo Siciliani, Expert, Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority

Ioannis Lianos holds the Chair in Global Competition Law and Public Policy at the Faculty of Laws, University College London, and the Gutenberg Research Chair at the Ecole Nationale d'Administration in France. He is the founder and Director of the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at UCL Laws and Chief researcher at the HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law & Development. He has also been a Non-Governmental Advisor at the International Competition Network since 2009.

Valentine Korah is Emeritus Professor of Competition Law at the UCL Faculty of Laws.

Paolo Siciliani is a competition expert at the Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority and a Visiting Lecturer at UCL Faculty of Laws.

Table of Contents

    1:Institutional actors, design and history of the EU and UK Competition Law Systems
    2:The goals of EU and UK Competition Law
    3:The economics of competition law: relevant market and market power
    4:The personal scope of the EU and UK Competition Law
    5:The elements of Article 101 TFEU/ Chapter I CA 98: Collusion
    6:The elements of Article 101 TFEU/ Chapter I of the UK Competition Act: Restriction of Competition
    7:Horizontal restrictions of competition
    8:Abuse of dominant position: Main elements
    9:Abuse of a dominant position (specific abuses)
    10:Distribution Agreements
    11:The oligopoly problem in competition law


"Those looking for a clear, up-to-date and authoritative, yet very readable, account of EU and UK competition law, should look at this new casebook as an excellent alternative to other available textbooks." - Riccardo Sciaudone, The European Law Observatory

"This is a remarkable and ambitious work. Part treatise, part casebook, part critique, the authors not only survey substantive competition law as applicable in the EU and the UK, but also examine its theoretical and economic background and rationale. The text is replete with references to academic sources and there are included extensive extracts from some of the leading cases and scholarly articles, followed by questions to stimulate teaching and discussion. The various and evolving economic approaches to competition issues are explained in a manner intelligible to the non-economist. The book will prove a valuable resource to academics, practitioners and graduate students seeking a sophisticated exploration of the subject." - Sir Peter Roth, President, UK Competition Appeal Tribunal

"If one wants to know how a few articles in an old international treaty evolved into a full, comprehensive and buoyant legal discipline at both EU and UK level, the book by Ioannis Lianos, Valentine Korah with Paolo Siciliani makes compulsory reading." - Marc van der Woude, Judge, General Court of the EU

"This book by Lianos, Korah with Siciliani offers an up to date detailed analysis of EU and UK competition law, explored in their historical, economic and political context. It constitutes a wonderful and successful effort in combining legal and economic analysis, with a critical perspective on the evolution of competition law in Europe. It is highly recommended for both practitioners and graduate students." - Tommaso Valletti, Chief competition economist, European Commission

"Professor Ioannis Lianos is one of the many EU27 scholars who have brought lustre to British law schools. Scholarship flourishes in diversity more confidently than in uniformity. This new book is oriented to students as well as asking the crucial questions which should make practitioners (and the occasional judge!) scratch their heads. It is particularly interesting when reading a new competition book to see how the author presents cases in which I had a personal interest when at the bar. I must record that the treatment of the facts in those cases is very fair. Weak points and strong points are validly acknowledged. Plenty of topics to argue about and plenty of perceptive comments. This work deserves to do well." - Ian Forrester, Judge, General Court of the EU

"This comprehensive text and case analysis promises to be an indispensable tool for any scholar of EU and UK competition law. Not only does it integrate competition law with its underlying economic and political theory, but it also includes a panoramic treatment of the history of the way that competition policy has reflected changing economic doctrine. It also incorporates numerous, suggestive cross references to United States law. As the authors note, several topics that have lay idle for years, including industrial concentration, are once again moving to the foreground, and this book both reflects and anticipates these developments. The book is well organized, serious but not overly technical, and will be accessible even to legal scholars without a strong background in economics. It is also comprehensive and up to date. This is a "must have" for every serious student of competition law and policy." - Professor Herbert Hovenkamp, University of Pennsylvania Law School

"This book is an intellectual tour de force, and is an important addition to the literature on competition law and policy. Its greatest strength is its interdisciplinarity, providing the reader with a solid foundation in both the law and economics of the subject. Warm congratulations to the authors." - Professor Richard Whish QC, Emeritus Professor of Competition Law, King's College London

"This book, by Lianos, Korah and Siciliani is a real tour de force of EU and UK competition law. It does a great job of explaining competition law in a most accessible way to newcomers, while at the same time providing in-depth, well-researched, and thought-provoking analysis of numerous competition law issues. The book constitutes a remarkable, and highly intelligent mosaic of numerous sources, including case law, decisions, and academic scholarship, both on legal as well as economic aspects of competition law. This most impressive volume is a superb resource which is highly recommended for all interested in the field." - Professor Michal Gal, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa

"The European Union now leads the way in setting standards for and shaping key debates in competition policy and law internationally. Professor Lianos and his colleagues have produced a detailed, integrated and up-to-date resource that will prove invaluable to students, scholars, practitioners and enforcement officials around the globe." - Professor Caron Beaton-Wells, Professor of competition law at the University of Melbourne Law School