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Choral Repertoire

Dennis Shrock

23 April 2009

ISBN: 9780195327786

800 pages

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Choral Repertoire is a comprehensive reference book about choral music in Western culture from Gregorian chant to compositions of the early twenty-first century. The material in the book covers general characteristics of the major historical eras, biographical sketches and discussions of the complete choral output of more than 500 composers, and performance annotations of more than 5,000 individual works.

  • First comprehensive book on choral repertoire, bringing together information from a wide range of sources
  • Serves a variety of functions: textbook, programming guide, reference tool, and chronological overview
  • Promotes and preserves cultural masterpieces

About the Author(s)

Dennis Shrock, Samuel Roberts Noble Presidential Professor of Music and Director of Graduate Choral Studies, University of Oklahoma

Table of Contents

    The Medieval Era
    The Renaissance Era: France - Italy - Spain and the New World - Germany and Austria - England
    The Baroque Era: Italy - France - Germany - England - Spain and the New World
    The Classical Era: Austria and Germany - Italy and France - England - The United States
    The Romantic Era: France - Italy - Austria and Germany- Russia - England - The United States
    The Modern Era: France and Switzerland - Austria and Germany - Italy and Spain- Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic - Russia and Estonia - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland- England - The United States
    Composer Index


"a fascinating overview of the western choral tradition that many singers and choral enthusiasts should find valuable" - Music Teacher