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Cell Structure & Function

Edited by Guy Orchard and Brian Nation

04 September 2014

ISBN: 9780199652471

520 pages

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Fundamentals of Biomedical Science

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Places the theory of cell structure and function in the context of biomedical science practice.


Cell Structure and Function describes the structural and functional features of the diverse cells from which the human body is formed. Focusing on normal cell structure and function, it gives readers a firm grounding in the appearance and behaviour of healthy cells and tissues on which a full understanding of abnormal cell behaviour can be built.

  • A blend of science theory and biomedical science practice make this series ideal for those seeking both the knowledge and skills to become proficient Biomedical Scientists
  • Content carefully developed to support the reader in demonstrating the competencies required during the study of biomedical science at both undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • The striking full-colour presentation engages the reader, and presents the many illustrations and photographic images to best effect
  • An Online Resource Centre contains a range of additional materials to augment the printed text, including a fully interactive Digital Microscope with a range of cell and tissue images for examination

About the Author(s)

Edited by Guy Orchard, Laboratory Manager/Consultant Grade Biomedical Scientist, ViaPath (formerly GSTS Pathology), London, and Brian Nation, Editor of British Journal of Biomedical Science

Dr Guy Orchard is Consultant Grade Biomedical Scientist, Laboratory Manager at Viapath, St John's Institute of Dermatology, and Viapath Operational Lead for Head and Neck Pathology at Guys Hospital, London.

Dr Brian Nation is Editor of The Biomedical Scientist, a publication of the Institute of Biomedical Science.

Table of Contents

    1:Introducing the cell: structure, molecular construction and communication strategies, Dr David Furness and Dr Carole Hackney
    2:Studying cells: essential techniques, Dr Gavin Knight
    3:Anatomy, embryology, and cell families, Dr Ian Locke and Dr. Joanne Murray
    4:Blood cell genesis: red cell and white cell families, Dr Gavin Knight
    5:Nerves: the cells of the central and peripheral nervous system, Dr Rosalind King and Richard Mathias
    6:Lungs: the cells of the respiratory system, Behdad Shambayati
    7:The alimentary canal, Tony Warford and Tony Madgwick
    8:The cells and commensal bacteria of the alimentary canal, Dr Kathy Nye
    9:The cells of the vascular and lymphatic systems, Dr Andrew Blann
    10:Connective tissue, bones, cartilage and muscle, Dr Suha Deen
    11:The cells of the liver, Anne Rayner and Dr Alberto Quaglia
    12:The cells of the kidney, Guy Orchard, David Muskett and Brian Nation
    13:Reproductive cells and gametogenesis, Andrew Evered and Behdad Shambayati
    14:The endocrine system, Ms Judy Brincat
    15:The cells of the skin, Dr Guy Orchard


Well illustrated with numerous schematic drawings which are extremely helpful for the explanation and clarification of difficult concepts. - The Journal of Histotechnology, March 2015

The text is succinct and well written. Numerous well thought-out tables help with the organization of material for the reader. - The Journal of Histotechnology, March 2015

A great introductory textbook to the fascinating world of cellular structure and function. - The Journal of Histotechnology, March 2015

The amount of information, the great illustrations and the well-written text make this book a great bargain for every bio-scientist. - The Journal of Histotechnology, March 2015

Additional Resources

Online Resource Centre
The Online Resource Centre to accompany the Fundamentals of Biomedical Science series features:

For registered adopters of the book:
· Figures from each book, available to download

For students:
· An interactive Virtual Microscope, encouraging the exploration of tissue samples
· Video podcasts including interviews with practicing biomedical scientists, and 'in the lab' footage showing biomedical science in practice

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