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Care in nursing


Principles, Values and Skills

Edited by Wilfred McSherry, Robert MSherry, and Roger Watson

09 February 2012

ISBN: 9780199583850

304 pages

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Care in Nursing addresses the fundamental caring principles, values, and skills nurses require to provide sound care to their patients and to meet the challenges of nursing in the future.


Care in Nursing addresses the fundamental caring principles, values, and skills nurses require to provide sound care to their patients and to meet the challenges of nursing in the future.

  • In 17 chapters, the authors explore how care underpins every element of nursing
  • Looks at care in the context of current policy, recent events, up-to-date research and the NMC standards for pre-registration nursing 2010
  • Authors demonstrate how to transform practice through the use of practice examples, tips and reflective activities
  • Reflecting not just core first year modules but also key competencies and skills required for registration, this will be an essential textbook for all three years of the pre-registration course as well as for qualified staff

About the Author(s)

Edited by Wilfred McSherry, Staffordshire University, UK, Robert MSherry, Teesside University, UK, and Roger Watson, Professor of Nursing, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Wilfred McSherry is Professor in Dignity of Care for Older People, Centre for Practice and Service Improvement at the Faculty of Health Staffordshire University and The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust UK and Part-Time Professor at Haraldsplass Deaconess University College, Bergen, Norway

Roger Watson is Professor of Nursing, is Professor of Nursing, University of Western Sydney, Australia and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Advanced Nursing and holds several visiting positions in China and Australia.

Table of Contents

    Part 1 - Defining Care
    1:So you think you care?, Roger Watson
    2:Caring for oneself, Anthony Schwarz and Barbara Wren
    3:Quality of nursing care, Robert McSherry
    4:Respecting the individual, Milika Matiti and Lesley Baillie
    5:Diversity in care, Aru Narayanasamy and Gavin Narayanasamy
    Part 2 - Human Dimensions of Care
    6:Caring for communities, Susan Thornton
    7:Emotional aspects of care, Glenn Marland and Annette Thomson
    8:Spiritual Care, Wilfred McSherry and Joanne Smith
    Part 3 - Contexts of Care
    9:Communicating care, Fiona Timmins and Catherine McCabe
    10:Pathways of care, Sharon Bateman and Jane A Gibson
    11:Partnerships of care, Eleanor Bradley and Tim Lewington
    12:Caring in challenging circumstances, Karen Breese and Helen Hampson
    Part 4 - Evaluating Care
    13:Leading, Managing and Celebrating Care, Samantha Foster
    14:When care is absent, John Tingle and Jean McHale
    15:Care to complain?, Sue Hamer and Steve Page
    16:So you think you've cared, Sally Brearley and Peter Griffiths
    Part 5 - The Cost of Care
    17:The cost of care, Joanne Gray


In a time of extraordinary challenges, this book provides an important insight into what it means to deliver patient care. From theory to practice, high quality care must be at the heart of all that we do - Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary, Royal College of Nursing

This is a book you could buy before starting on a nursing course and still be able to refer to it further on in your studies and even post-qualification. It addresses current and relevant topics often missed out in other texts and acknowledges some of the situations students and staff face. - Beverly Hall, 3rd year student, Adult Branch, Manchester

Will students a good grounding in the theory and knowledge base related to caring in nursing. The practical tips and transferable skills gained will be beneficial to students in dealing with and helping patients. - Ruhi Behi, formerly Head of the School of Heath Care Sciences, Bangor University

I have never come across the caring debate in such detail or from such a highly original, realistic and refreshing angle before. The main strength of this book is that it is easy to read, inspiring and gives helpful practical advice to students so they can implement on placement what they have learned in theory. - Alys Bunce, Final Year Student, North East England

We did not have a book such as this when I was training and I think it would have been invaluable, I also believe it would be a good ongoing resource to inform all practitioners. Well and clearly written with good balance of practical knowledge, theory and evidence base. - Becky Harding, Mental Health Staff Nurse, England