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Card, Cross & Jones Criminal Law

Twenty-second Edition

Richard Card and Jill Molloy

June 2016

ISBN: 9780198753094

888 pages

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Price: £42.99

With over 65 years of history in the field,Card, Cross, & Jones is a trusted source of rigorous and dependable legal description and commentary



Card, Cross & Jones Criminal Law has rightly earned a reputation for both reliability and clarity of writing. This classic text continues to provide an adept and stimulating account of criminal law as it stands today - its longevity is testament to its excellence as a student text.

  • Thorough coverage of the substantive law ensures that Card, Cross & Jones Criminal Law provides a detailed and up-to-date understanding of the subject
  • Case law and hypothetical examples are used throughout the text to help elucidate the key principles that govern criminal law
  • This clearly structured approach ensures that this text closely follows criminal law courses, providing clear and stimulating commentary on the topics to be studied

New to this edition

  • The latest case law developments are cited, including: Jogee (2016) (joint liability); R (Collins) v Secretary of State for Justice (2016) (self-defence); Ali (2015) (consent in sexual offences); Golding (2014) (grievous bodily harm); Golds (2014) (defence of diminished responsibility); Gurpinar (2015) (defence of loss of control); Jewell (2015) (defence of loss of control); JF (2015) (constructive manslaughter); Magee v CPS (2014) (intoxication); R (Nicklinson) v Ministry of Justice (2014) / Nicklinson v UK (2015) (assisted suicide); Valujevs (2014) (fraud by abuse of position); Waters (2015) (theft)
  • Reference is made to all legislative changes relevant to the text, including those in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, the Serious Crime Act 2015, and the Deregulation Act 2015
  • Reference is made to the most recent academic literature and to the following Law Commission reports: Law Commission Report No 348 Hate Crime: Should the Current Offences be Extended? (2014); Law Commission Report No 358 Simplification of Criminal Law: Public Nuisance and Outraging Public Decency (2015); Law Commission Report No 361 Reform of Offences against the Person (2015); Law Commission Report No 364 Unfitness to Plead (2016)
  • Newly included questions allow students to check their understanding and provide suggestions for tutorial discussion

About the Author(s)

Richard Card, Emeritus Professor of Law, De Montfort University, Leicester, and Jill Molloy, Senior Lecturer in Law, Birmingham City University

Table of Contents

    2:Introduction to criminal liability
    3:Actus reus
    4:Mens rea
    5:Strict liability
    6:Non-fatal offences against the person
    7:Homicide offences
    8:Offences related to homicide
    9:Sexual offences
    10:Theft and related offences
    11:Other offences under the Theft Act 1968
    12:Fraud and related offences
    13:Offences of damage to property
    14:Inchoate offences
    15:Mental condition, mistake and intoxication
    16:Other general defences
    18:Vicarious liability, corporate liability and unincorporated associations

Additional Resources

The Online Resource Centre provides web links and detailed updates at least twice a year to help you to keep pace with all the latest developments in criminal law.

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