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Buddha: A Very Short Introduction

Michael Carrithers

22 February 2001

ISBN: 9780192854537

128 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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Michael Carrithers guides us through the complex and sometimes conflicting information that Buddhist texts give about the life and teaching of the Buddha. He discusses the social and political background of India in the Buddha's time, and traces the development of his thought. He also assesses the rapid and widespread assimilation of Buddhism and its contemporary relevance.

  • VSI Buddhism is one of the best selling titles in the series: 26,000 copies sold since publication in 1996
  • Until the 20th century, the Buddha was probably the most influential thinker in human history
  • Covers the life of the Buddha and the genesis and significance of his teaching
  • Also discusses how and why Buddhism spread across continents and survived so well through the centuries
  • First published in the Past Masters series, where it has sold well over 30,000 copies

About the Author(s)

Michael Carrithers, Professor of Anthropology, University of Durham

Table of Contents

    2:Early life and renunciation
    3:To the awakening
    4:The awakening
    5:The mission and the death
    Further reading


admirably well-paced and informative. - Galen Strawson, Sunday Times