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Atomic Physics

C.J. Foot

25 November 2004

ISBN: 9780198506966

344 pages

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Oxford Master Series in Physics

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  • Based on extensive teaching experience, class-tested.
  • Written for undergraduates.
  • Leads students up to the frontiers of latest research.
  • Includes recent advances in Bose-Einstein condensation which have also excited interest outside the field.
  • Contains many exercises, suitable for use in class.

About the Author(s)

C.J. Foot, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Table of Contents

    1:Early Atomic Physics
    2:The Hydrogen Atom
    4:The Alkalis
    5:The LS-coupling scheme
    6:Hyperfine Structure and Isotope Shift
    7:The Interaction of Atoms with Radiation
    8:Doppler-free Laser Spectroscopy
    9:Laser cooling and trapping
    10:Magnetic trapping, Evaporative cooling and BEC
    11:Atom Interferometry
    12:Ion Traps
    13:Quantum Computing


"Absolutely brillant textbook ... Strongly recommended and A textbook that must be definitively be acquired in the Libraries of Universities!" - Dr. Thierry-Philippe Picornell, GSz

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