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Applied Ecology

Monitoring, managing, and conserving

Anne Goodenough and Adam Hart

April 2017

ISBN: 9780198723288

432 pages

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The most application-focused account of the conservation, monitoring, and management of species and habitats, which links back to the ecological theory underpinning the practice.



Applied Ecology shows students how an understanding of ecological theory can be used to address the important issues facing ecologists today. Its problem-solving approach reflects the reality of using ecological tools in applied contexts, while highlighting the underlying theories so the link between theory and practice is clear.

  • The most application-focused account of the conservation, monitoring, and management of species and habitats
  • Its problem-solving approach gives students a clear sense of the reality of using ecological tools in applied contexts
  • The flagging of the ecological theory underpinning the practice helps students make clear connections between the two
  • A recognition of the many grey areas an applied ecologist may encounter - driven by individual circumstances, stakeholder perspectives, ethical considerations and political motivation - encourages debate on the part of the reader to foster a questioning, critical, and evidence-based attitude.

About the Author(s)

Anne Goodenough, University of Gloucestershire, and Adam Hart, University of Gloucestershire

Table of Contents

    Part 1 Overview
    1: Introducing Applied Ecology
    2: Fundamentals of Ecology
    Part 2 Monitoring
    3: Ecological Surveying and Monitoring
    4: Ecological Indicators
    Part 3 Managing
    5: Ecological Impact Assessment
    6: Remediation Ecology
    7: Landscape Ecology and Management
    8: Non-native Species Management
    9: Pest Management
    Part 4 Conserving
    10: Principles of Conservation
    11: In Situ Conservation
    12: Ex Situ Conservation
    13: Reintroduction and Rewilding


This book provides essential information on key concepts in ecology and how they can be applied to address human-induced environmental impacts. With a focus on applying ecological principles to ensure successful outcomes, it is a cornerstone publication for all undergraduate students studying ecology. - Dr Duncan B. Westbury, The University of Worcester

A clear and comprehensive review of applied ecology and its applications to conservation and land management - Professor John Warren, Aberystwyth University

A gold mine of case studies and examples - Dr Nicholas Worsfold, University of Bedfordshire

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