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Anson's Law of Contract

Thirtieth edition

Sir Jack Beatson FBA, Andrew Burrows FBA, QC (Hon), and John Cartwright

May 2016

ISBN: 9780198734789

864 pages

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Price: £41.99

Exceptional detail, precision and clarity



An authoritative and detailed account of contract law; this is a widely renowned and well-respected textbook for students of contract law, and a trusted source of reference for practitioners and academics.

  • This classic of contract law, Anson's Law of Contract, has been a seminal text for generations of practitioners, academics and contract law students
  • Provides comprehensive, authoritative analysis of the principles of the subject, with clear exposition of the key considerations underlying contract interpretation, helping students to understand complex concepts
  • Written by three of the foremost experts in the field, collectively experienced in research, teaching, and practice, lending academic and scholarly weight to this text
  • Provides exceptional clarity with content broken down into manageable sections and headings to make the text approachable for students new to the subject

New to this edition

  • Fully updated with recent developments including the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Regulations 2014, the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 and the Insurance Act 2015
  • Key cases in the new edition include: Arnold v Britton (contract interpretation), Yam Seng Pte Ltd v International Trade Corp Ltd (implied duty to perform in good faith), Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas Services Trust Com (Jersey) Ltd (the general test for terms implied by fact at common law), Cavendish Square Holding BV v El Makdessi and ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis (penalties and liquidated damages clauses).
  • Suggestions for further reading have been added at the end of chapters, to guide students as they read around the subject

About the Author(s)

Sir Jack Beatson FBA, A Lord Justice of Appeal, and sometime Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, University of Cambridge, Andrew Burrows FBA, QC (Hon), Barrister and Honorary Bencher of Middle Temple and Professor of the Law of England and Fellow, All Souls College, University of Oxford, and John Cartwright, Professor of the Law of Contract, University of Oxford, and Professor of Anglo-American Private Law, University of Leiden

Table of Contents

    1: Introduction
    Part 1: Formation of Contract
    2: The agreement
    3: Form
    4: Consideration and promissory estoppel
    Part 2: Contents of the Contract
    5: The terms of the contract
    6: Exemption clauses and unfair terms
    Part 3: Factors Tending to Defeat Contractual Liability
    7: Incapacity
    8: Mistake
    9: Misrepresentation and non-disclosure
    10: Duress, undue influence, and unconscionable bargains
    11: Illegality
    Part 4: Performance and Discharge
    12: Performance
    13: Discharge by agreement
    14: Discharge by frustration
    15: Discharge by breach
    16: Discharge by operation of law
    Part 5: Remedies for Breach of Contract
    17: Damages
    18: Specific remedies
    19: Restitutionary awards
    20: Limitation of actions
    Part 6: Limits of the Contractual Obligation
    21: Third parties
    22: Assignment
    23: Agency


Anson's Law of Contract is an expert, authoritative and helpful guide to students. It explains key concepts in a clear and comprehensive manner, without minimising the many complexities of this area of law. - Christina Perry, Senior Tutor, Queen Mary's University, London

Anson's Law of Contract has been a seminal text for several generations of lawyers, judges, arbitrators, academics and contract law students. It provides an extremely comprehensive, authoritative analysis of English principles on the subject. - Ben Adodo, University of Surrey

Review from previous edition Ansons Law of Contract, under the stewardship of Jack Beatson, remains one of the finest expositions of English contract law available... Anson is the first textbook I would recommend to students of contract law. It is simply of a higher quality than any other text... for a clear, readable and authoritative exposition of the general principles of contract law, it is impressive indeed. - Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly

This book speaks for itself as one of the indispensable classic text books on English Contract law. - Dr. Reid, Univ. of Edinburgh

The most readable, comprehensive, and authoritative text on the Law of Contract in England. - Henry Mares, Fellow & Director of Studies in Law, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge

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