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Animal Behavior

Concepts, Methods, and Applications

Second Edition

Shawn Nordell and Thomas Valone

January 2015

ISBN: 9780199737604

368 pages

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Concepts, Methods and Applications: a conceptual approach that puts the process of science and applications front and centre.



Animal Behavior: Concepts, Methods, and Applications, International Edition uses a conceptual approach that puts the process of science and applications front and centre. This approach immerses students in the process of animal behaviour research and helps them understand how we know what we know. In addition, the text highlights real-world applications and helps students see how the science of animal behaviour connects to their everyday lives.

  • Structured "Scientific Process" boxes lay out studies within a scientific framework.
  • "Featured Research" narratives in each chapter illustrate and support key concepts in depth.
  • "Applying the Concepts" boxes show how research has been applied to solve real-world problems.
  • "Toolboxes" explain essential skills in the science of animal behaviour.
  • "Chapter Summary and Beyond" sections at the end of each chapter summarise major concepts and cite recent papers that further develop the ideas presented in the chapter.
  • Key Terms are boldfaced and listed at the end of each chapter.
  • Chapter Questions give students practice in applying the chapter material.
  • Explores the most important concepts in greater depth and demonstrates not only what we know about animal behaviour, but how we came to know it.
  • Provides extensive coverage of animal behaviour research, putting the process of science front and centre.
  • Each chapter after the introduction includes 10-12 detailed research narratives that show the process of science (how behaviour is studied) and the applications and implications of the results.
  • Provides the necessary tools for students to engage in the scientific process.

About the Author(s)

Shawn Nordell, Associate Professor, Saint Louis University, and Thomas Valone, Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University

TJV: Saint Louis University, Associate Professor; PhD University of Arizona. Research focuses on community ecology, conservation biology, and foraging behavior.

SN: Saint Louis University, Assistant Professor; PhD University of New Mexico. Research focuses on fish behavioral ecology, mate choice, and predator avoidance.

Table of Contents

    1: The science of animal behavior
    2: Behavioral genetics
    3: Learning and cognition
    4: Communication
    5: Foraging behavior
    6: Antipredator behavior
    7: Dispersal and migration
    8: Habitat selection, territoriality, and aggression
    9: Mating behavior
    10: Parental care
    11: Social behavior

Additional Resources

Online Resource Centre
Animal Behavior is supported by an Online Resource Centre featuring:

For registered adopters:
- Editable PowerPoint lecture notes
- Video library including: natural history videos, process of science videos, and interviews with scientists
- Figures from the text available to download

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