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An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics

Second Edition

Lindell Bromham

21 January 2016

ISBN: 9780198736363

536 pages

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Price: £52.99

SHORTLISTED FOR THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF BIOLOGY UNDERGRADUATE TEXTBOOK PRIZE 2016 - The most approachable introduction to the field of molecular evolution, blending straightforward explanations with cutting-edge case studies.


An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics offers an engaging yet highly informative narrative to demonstrate how molecular data can be used to answer evolutionary questions.

  • Engaging yet highly informative writing style captures the author's genuine and infectious passion for her subject
  • Equation-free approach makes the field accessible to all biologists, including those who prefer discussion and diagrams rather than algebra
  • Cutting-edge case studies explore the scientific literature and show how theoretical concepts are applied in the context of real biological research
  • Caters to different levels and interests with a unique combination of text, technical information, and case studies to enable flexible use
  • Stunning full colour presentation is the perfect complement to the author's written prose

New to this edition

  • Covers the same ground as the first edition - which was published as Reading the Story in DNA - but considerably expanded, updated, and remodelled to make the book better fit a semester teaching structure
  • Updated throughout with enhanced coverage of genome-level evolution and descriptions of the latest techniques in the field, such as high throughput sequencing
  • Streamlined chapter structure, with TechBoxes and Case Studies collated at the end of each chapter to provide an unbroken narrative
  • Case studies have been updated and enhanced by the addition of two sections - 'Check your understanding' and 'What do you think?' - to test students' understanding and to encourage critical appraisal
  • Additional online teaching resources, including one-hour class plans to accompany each chapter in the book

About the Author(s)

Lindell Bromham, Professor, Research School of Biology, Australian National University

Table of Contents

    1:Introduction - The story in DNA
    2:DNA - The immortal germline
    3:Mutation - We are all mutants
    4:Replication - Endless copies
    5:Genome - Accident and design
    6:Gene - Making an organism
    7:Selection - Descent with modification
    8:Drift - Chance and necessity
    9:Species - Origin of species
    10:Alignment - Same but different
    11:Phylogeny - Tree of life
    12:Hypotheses - Seeing the wood for the trees
    13:Rates - Tempo and mode
    14:Dates - Telling the time


Engaging and entertaining writing, with concepts clearly conveyed in a way accessible to less numerate students. It is by far one of the most enjoyable and interesting text books on evolutionary genetics I have read. - Simon Goodman, University of Leeds

Nothing else comes close in terms of completeness and accessibility to our students. Reading the text is almost like having a conversation. - Lawrence Mays, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Additional Resources

The Online Resource Centre features:
For registered adopters of the book:
- Class plans for one-hour hands-on sessions associated with each chapter
- Figures from the textbook to view and download

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