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American Legal History: A Very Short Introduction

G. Edward White

November 2013

ISBN: 9780199766000

168 pages

Very Short Introductions

Price: £7.99



This Very Short Introduction demonstrates the pivotal role of law in American life. Chapters focus on the legal history of Indian tribes, slavery, property rights, the relationship of law to entrepreneurial activity, crimes and punishments, domestic relations, civil injuries and tort law, as well as legal education and the legal profession.

  • New short and accessible format on topics that have only been dealt with in densely academic texts before
  • Useful to legal professionals as well as general readers
  • Deals with the historic role of law throughout American history, including issues of property, contracts, crime, business, and race
  • Part of the bestselling Very Short Introductions series - over six million copies sold worldwide

About the Author(s)

G. Edward White, David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law and University Professor, University of Virginia, US

G. Edward White is David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law and University Professor at the University of Virginia. His 15 books include The American Judicial Tradition, Alger Hiss's Looking-Glass Wars, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: Law and the Inner Self. White is the editor of the John Harvard Library edition of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.'s The Common Law (2009) and is currently writing a three-volume history of American law, the first volume of which, Law in American History, From the Colonial Years Through the Civil War, appeared in 2012.

Table of Contents

    List of illustrations
    Chapter 1: The legal history of Indian tribes
    Chapter 2: Law and African-American slavery
    Chapter 3: Rights of property and their regulation
    Chapter 4: Law and entrepreneurship
    Chapter 5: Criminal law and the treatment of criminals
    Chapter 6: Law and domestic relations
    Chapter 7: Civil injuries and the law of torts
    Chapter 8: Legal education and the legal profession
    Further reading