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African Religions: A Very Short Introduction

Jacob K. Olupona

13 March 2014

ISBN: 9780199790586

176 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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African Religions examines religious traditions on the African continent and diaspora. It focuses on the diversity of people, ethnic groups, languages, cultures, ethos, and worldviews. The book provides balanced and in-depth material that enables the reader to comprehend the breadth, depth, and range of African religious traditions.

  • A comprehensive look at African religious traditions
  • Provides a historical overview of the field while also demonstrating new areas of inquiry
  • Compares African religious traditions with other world religions
  • Part of the bestselling Very Short Introduction series - over six million copies sold worldwide

About the Author(s)

Jacob K. Olupona, Professor of African and African American Studies, Professor of African Religious Studies, Harvard University and Harvard Divinity School, US

Jacob K. Olupona is Professor of African Religious Traditions at Harvard Divinity School, with a joint appointment as Professor of African and African American Studies in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. A noted scholar of indigenous African religions, his books include City of 201 Gods: Ilé-Ifè in Time, Space, and the Imagination, Òrìsà Devotion as World Religion: The Globalization of Yorùbá Religious Culture, co-edited with Terry Rey, and Kingship, Religion, and Rituals in a Nigerian Community: A Phenomenological Study of Ondo Yoruba Festivals. In 2007, he was awarded the Nigerian National Order of Merit, one of Nigeria's most prestigious honors.

Table of Contents

    List of ilustrations
    Chapter 1 Worldview, cosmology, and myths of origin
    Chapter 2 Gods, ancestors, and spirit beings
    Chapter 3 Sacred authority: Divine kingship, priests, and diviners
    Chapter 4 Ceremonies, festivals, and rituals
    Chapter 5 Sacred Arts, verbal and ritual performances
    Chapter 6 Encounter with the incoming world: Christianity and Islam in Africa
    Further reading