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Administrative Law

Fourth Edition

Timothy Endicott

June 2018

ISBN: 9780198804734

704 pages

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Price: £37.99

An exceptionally clear and thought-provoking guide, filled with distinctive learning features to develop a critical, questioning approach



Exceptionally clear and incisive, Administrative Law is the essential guide to understanding this challenging area of the law.

  • Complex issues are discussed in an accessible style and concise format
  • Explains key cases in depth to show how the law works in practice and demonstrate its fundamental importance
  • The author uses a range of pedagogical features to make complex points accessible and develop a critical and questioning approach

About the Author(s)

Timothy Endicott, Fellow in Law, Balliol College, University of Oxford

Table of Contents

    Part I: Introduction
    1: Administration and the principles of the constitution
    2: The rule of law and the rule of judges
    3: Convention rights and administrative law
    Part II: Process
    4: Due process
    5: Impartiality and independence
    6: Reasons: process and substance
    Part III: Substance
    7: Discretion and deference
    8: Substantive fairness
    9: Errors of law and control of fact-finding
    Part IV: Litigation
    10: How to sue the government: judicial processes and judicial remedies
    11: Standing: litigation and the public interest
    Part V: Administrative Justice
    12: Tribunals
    13: Ombudsmen
    Part VI: Private Law and Public Authorities
    14: Torts
    15: Contracts

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by the following online resources:

- Notes on key cases and legislations
- Guidance on answering the questions in the text
- Links to useful resources
- Glossary of key terms used in the text
- A guide for lecturerson possible ways of approaching the material in the book

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