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Accounting for Business

Third Edition

Peter Scott

17 December 2018

ISBN: 9780198807797

592 pages

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Price: £52.99

A hands-on approach for business students: build understanding through clear explanations and supportive learning features, then put knowledge into practice using the interactive workbook online.


Accounting for Business provides a crystal clear, accessible introduction to the core accounting topics non-specialist students need to master, helping them to apply accounting concepts to real business decisions.

  • Offers full, authoritative coverage of key accounting concepts while using a straightforward writing style and crystal clear explanations to remain sensitive to the needs of non-specialist students.
  • Extensive use of real world examples and learning features that showcase well-known companies that clearly demonstrates the relevance and application of accounting techniques to real world business situations.
  • An online workbook, which is available for free upon purchase of the print book, is fully integrated with every chapter, giving students numerous opportunities to revisit, and reinforce their understanding.
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

New to this edition

  • Fully updated to take into account recent changes in the IASB conceptual framework.
  • All examples have been updated or replaced.
  • Coverage of the balanced scorecard has been added to chapter seven.
  • Tables of ratios have been added to the end of chapters six and seven to provide a quick reference for students.

About the Author(s)

Peter Scott, Formerly Principal Lecturer in accounting and finance, De Montfort University

Dr Peter Scott was until 2016 a principal lecturer in accounting and finance at De Montfort University, where he was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award on multiple occasions following nominations by his students.

Table of Contents

    Part One: Financial Accounting
    1:Introduction to accounting
    2:The statement of financial position
    3:The income statement
    4:The statement of cash flows
    5:Business organisations and the financing of business
    6:Ratio analysis 1: profitability, efficiency, and performance
    7:Ratio analysis 2: liquidity, working capital and long-term financial stability
    Part Two: Cost and Management Accounting
    9:Relevant costs, marginal costing and decision making
    10:Standard costing and variance analysis
    12:Capital investment appraisal


"Peter Scott's Accounting for Business offers an excellent and straightforward introduction to the world of financial and management accounting." - Dr Octavian Ionescu, University of East Anglia

"Accounting for Business is extremely clearly explained and broken down, and this is excellent for the beginner first year students I teach as they need bite-sized chunks to read and understand." - Mrs Gayle Waddell, University of Liverpool

"I have used this textbook for a few years and students enjoy using because it is easy to follow and understand. Accounting for Business makes accounting accessible to people who have not done it before." - Samuel Hinds, University of Surrey

Additional Resources

The unique online workbook includes the following features for students:
· Interactive Multiple Choice Questions for revising key topics;
· Numerical exercises for practicing the calculation of accounting information from given sets of data;
· 'Go back over this again' feature containing a mix of further examples, written exercises, true or false questions, and annotated accounting information to help consolidate learning;
· 'Show me how to do it' videos provide practical demonstrations for more complex accounting tasks;
· Web links to primary source material and articles provide further learning opportunities for companies and organizations covered in the book.

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