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A History of the Canadian Peoples

Fifth Edition

J. M. Bumsted and Michael C. Bumsted

March 2016

ISBN: 9780199014910

624 pages

Price: £49.99



A core text for introduction to Canadian history courses offered out of history departments nation-wide.

  • Balanced. The fourth edition has been revised to offer a more balanced division of pre- and post-Confederation periods, enhancing the text's flexibility for use in semester-long or full-year courses.
  • Engaging. Bumsted's clear and lively style weaves together social, political, and economic history, providing students with an accessible and appealing narrative.
  • Contemporary. Brand new historiographical essays contributed by historians from across the country demonstrate the continued research and interest in the discipline.
  • Current. Includes the most-up-to-date research throughout, including a fully updated final chapter, "Into the New Millennium," detailing the latest events in Canada's history and how they relate to the past.
  • Visual. An outstanding art program, featuring over 200 pieces of art, is integrated throughout, helping students visualize the story of Canada's history.
  • Timelines. Chapter-opening timelines offer students a brief overview of major historical events and help situate them in relation to one another.
  • Boxes. A new, thematic box program features primary source documents, provides additional background, context, biographies of lesser-known figures, and highlights important pieces of material so that students are exposed to more than just major events, people, and places.
  • Supplementary Material. A strong and varied suite of ancillary material - including a primary source library, visual history unit, student study guide, PowerPoint slides, test generator, and image bank - ensures comprehensive instructor support and in-depth student engagement.

About the Author(s)

J. M. Bumsted, Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, and Michael C. Bumsted

Table of Contents

    List of Maps
    Introduction: Understanding History
    1:The Beginnings
    2:Europe Settles In: Newfoundland, Acadia, New France
    3:Struggling for a Continent, 1627-1763
    4:Becoming and Remaining British, 1759-1815
    5:Relying on Resources, 1815-1840
    6:Becoming a Nation, 1840-1885
    7:Becoming Modern, 1885-1915
    8:Two Wars and a Depression, 1914-1945
    9:Prospering Together, 1945-1960
    10:Edging towards the Abyss, 1958-1972
    11:Coming Apart, 1972-1992
    12:Freefalling into the Twenty-First Century, 1992-2001
    13:Into the New Millennium
    Epilogue: The Speed and Balance of Canadian History

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