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Student Law Panel

As a law student, you spend a lot of time with your textbooks. But are they working for you?

The Oxford University Press Student Law Panel gives you the opportunity to have your say about the textbooks you're using and helps us to make sure we're meeting your needs.

Read on for more information and how to apply.

Click here to apply

To apply to join the Student Law Panel, click the link above to go to the application form. Once completed, please send to hecontact@oup.com.

What is the OUP Student Law Panel?

The Oxford University Press Student Law Panel is a group of undergraduate law students from universities all around the country. Students come from all year groups and a range of law courses.


Why does OUP have a Student Law Panel?

As the leading publisher of legal textbooks it is vital for us to make sure our products are meeting your needs as students. The Student Law Panel gives you the opportunity to have a voice in the publishing process through feedback and reviews.


What does being on the Student Law Panel involve?

You'd be expected to:

  • Complete 4 to 5 e-surveys per academic year
  • Review and offer opinions about new publishing ideas

There are also opportunities to get involved in focus groups and meet ups.

You can join the panel at any point in your undergraduate education and are welcome to remain on the panel until your graduation.


Why should you join?

As a panellist you’ll have the opportunity to get to know a wide range of different texts and resources that could give you the edge in your studies.

Participating students are also rewarded in credits for each task they complete that can be used towards OUP books. The number of credits available per task can vary depending on the amount of effort involved, with each credit worth £5.


Who is eligible?

If you're an undergraduate law student studying at any UK university and at a UK based campus, we want to hear from you. You don't have to be an avid textbook user to apply!


How do I apply?

It's easy! Fill in the application form now. Once you've sent in your application, you'll receive a response within seven working days.

ExpandCloseWhat the panellists say...

"It's been great to know I've been part of something that is benefiting other students."

"Being a Student Law Panellist allows you to shape the content and materials of new and upcoming titles - which in turn shapes the future of the legal market. You can give something back to future students by being a student law panellist and the opportunity to read new titles is one which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would recommend applying to become a student law panellist to any diligent and dedicated law student."

"It's a really great opportunity to voice your appreciation and grumbles about the textbooks you have used over the years, and the rewards are great! If you do enough surveys you may never have to buy a law textbook again!"

"Just having access to new editions of some crucial texts was payment enough for me but the added bonus of credits with which I could purchase books I found to be generous."

"It was great to be able to help develop new editions of textbooks, my opinion was really valued."

"Because of the student law panel, I have been able to buy books which widen my legal knowledge, having a positive impact on my grades."

"An excellent experience, and great to put onto your CV!"