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Social Sciences Dissertation Student Panel

Calling final year undergraduates studying:

  • Sociology
  • Social studies
  • Politics
  • Criminology
  • Geography
  • Anthropology
  • Media studies
  • Education
  • Psychology

Are you writing a social research project or dissertation?

Want to refine your critical reviewing skills and enhance your CV?

Join our Dissertation and Research Project Social Sciences Student Panel and review our new book, How to do your Social Research Project or Dissertation, whilst earning credits to spend on OUP books.

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100% of our student panel members enjoyed being a member and would recommend joining the panel to their fellow students.

What is the Dissertation and Research Social Sciences Student Panel?

We’re currently developing a new book to support students with their undergraduate social research project or dissertation, and we want the book to be informed by students currently doing a social research project or dissertation. Student feedback is a key aspect of this project, and panellists will play an important part in shaping the book into a helpful and relevant guide for future students.

What does being on the Dissertation and Research Social Sciences Student Panel involve?

Student panellists will be sent out short chapters periodically, alongside an online survey with questions we would like to focus on.  Panellists will be expected to provide a detailed review on the content, and in return, will be credited with anything from £15 to £50 worth of credits to spend on OUP books for each survey completed.

How does being a panellist benefit me?

Apart from gaining credits to spend on OUP books, being a student panellist allows you to develop your analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills, all of which will help enhance your CV. As these skills are so valued by employers, we are happy to provide references to support the great work you will do as a student panellist.

You will also have the opportunity to have your say in some of our major publishing projects. The feedback and suggestions from previous panellists has ensured that students are able to get the most from our textbooks.

Once you apply we will aim to let you know our decision within 5 working days of receiving your application. If you are having trouble applying or have not heard from us in regards to your application, please contact us at hecontact@oup.com.

 Please note that the panel is only open to students studying in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.