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Chemistry Student Panel


Chemistry Student Panel

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What is the OUP chemistry student panel?

Our chemistry student panel is made up of students from the UK currently studying for chemistry degrees. We're currently looking for new applicants. Students from any year of any chemistry degree are eligible.

Why does OUP have a chemistry student panel?

OUP publishes a wide range of best-selling, student-focused chemistry textbooks. The student panel allows us to gather feedback and opinions on our products from real chemistry students, ensuring new titles and new editions really meet your needs.

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100% of our student panel members enjoyed being a member and would recommend joining the panel to their fellow students.

What does being on the OUP chemistry student panel involve?

You will be contacted, mainly via email, and expected to:

* complete online surveys
* review and offer opinions on new publishing ideas

Students should be prepared to sign up as a representative for the remainder of their degree course.

How will I be rewarded?

As a participating student you will be rewarded for as many tasks as you complete. We will contact you at various points throughout the year with a choice of tasks.

Each task will have a different number of credits depending on its complexity and estimated time of completion. For every credit you earn you will get £1 for your student panel account to spend on OUP books. The choice will be yours; you can complete one task, a few tasks or all of them!

How do I sign up?

To apply, please download and complete our student panel application form. We will aim to let you know our decision within 10 working days of receiving your application.