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Bioscience Student Panel


More about the Bioscience Student Panel

We love to get students involved and the Bioscience Student Panel is a great way for students to provide feedback and opinion.

Are you a bioscience undergraduate student and do you have the drive and desire to contribute to the work of the OUP bioscience team?  Find out what some of our current panel members had to say and decide for yourself.

Here's what they said...

"I have chosen textbooks to review that will improve my overall understanding of the scientific process/stats/experimental design, so they have improved my understanding of my subject."
James Nicholas Sleigh, University of Oxford

"It has allowed me to read more analytically to see how I would word things differently after understanding a topic."
Hamid Azizi, Queen Mary University

"One of the books you sent me as a review book literally covered so many aspects of my Biomedical Sciences course and laid it out in the most readable and enjoyable format!"
Sina Kahen, Royal Holloway, University of London

"The books I've reviewed have been course relevant so have acted as further reading and in some cases opened my eyes to job opportunities I hadn't previously considered."
Nicola Yvonne Edwards, University of St. Andrews

"I've been able to improve my scientific writing by reviewing and thinking more critically about the work of others."
Kirsty MacLeod, University of St. Andrews



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