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The OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition

One of the most prestigious and popular mooting competitions in the UK, the OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition offers undergraduate law and GDL students the opportunity to practise and perfect their advocacy skills.

This is the go-to website for all those participating in the OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition, for those interested in getting involved, and for those who want to discover what mooting is.

Round 1 is now underway

OUP and our partners at ICCA are pleased to announce that the 2021/22 competition is now underway. We’re kicking things off virtually with a brand-new moot problem written by our writer for this year Tim Goodwin, and welcoming our new teams and returning institutions to the competition.  Instructions and details of the competition have now been sent by email to the teams, and the moots will take place until Round 1 closes on 1st December.

We’d like to thank the ICCA for partnering with us. 

If you have any questions or enquiries, please email mooting.uk@oup.com.

 Moot rules  Moot problem

Timetable for Competition

 Round  Details circulated  Deadline
 1  Friday 8 October  Wednesday 1 December
 2  Friday 3 December  Wednesday 2 February
 3  Friday 4 February  Wednesday 30 March
 4 (semi-final)  Friday 1 April  Wednesday 25 May
 Final  Friday 27 May  TBC - around mid-end June

ExpandCloseExchanging explained

Explanation of working days and deadline for exchange

A ‘working day’ is the time between 9am and 5pm on a week day. No time on either Saturday or Sunday is considered a working day.

 Day of moot Time of moot   Deadline for exchange
 Monday  Before 5pm  Wednesday 3pm
 Monday  After 5pm  Thursday 3pm
 Tuesday  Before 5pm  Thursday 3pm
 Tuesday  After 5pm  Friday 3pm
 Wednesday  Before 5pm  Friday 3pm
 Wednesday  After 5pm  Monday 3pm
 Thursday  Before 5pm  Monday 3pm
 Thursday  After 5pm  Tuesday 3pm
 Friday  Before 5pm  Tuesday 3pm
 Friday  After 5pm  Wednesday 3pm