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Adoption Support

Oxford University Press places great emphasis on providing a high level of service and support, and on building relationships. From ensuring your conversations with our campus representatives are enjoyable, constructive, and helpful; to making sure the books and resources your students need are available in the best format, on time.

Our campus representatives visit academic institutions arranging and fulfilling appointments with you to establish course delivery requirements. They will aim to provide you with the most appropriate teaching and learning materials relevant to both your individual and departmental needs.
Learn more about the service your campus representative can offer you on campus.


Selection support

One of the ways in which we can help you select the best materials for your course is to provide inspection copies of the books for you, as e-books by default. Textbooks are provided free, and with no obligation, so you can be confident of selecting the best course materials. If the book you are interested in has not yet published, your campus representative can often provide advance material for you to look at.
Learn more about inspection copies.


Supporting your decision

We appreciate that choosing which book or resource to use on your course is a decision that you won't take lightly; which is why we’ll continue to support you after the decision is made. We’re confident you’ll receive a better level of on-going support from your OUP campus representative than that offered by any other publisher.

We'll support you in the most appropriate way. This could include:

  • Provision of conversion guides to facilitate updating to a new edition or alternative book.
  • Granting access to and training of any accompanying online resources or alternative digital formats of the adopted textbook.
  • Ensuring the teaching team has copies of the adopted resource.
  • Conducting a presentation of the resources to the students at the start of term.

Contact your campus representative to learn more about the support they can offer.



OUP is committed to ensuring that the resources you wish to adopt are accessible for the entire student cohort. Requests for resources in alternative formats for use by students with impairments should be made by the institution to our accessibility resources team. Our online products and resources have their own accessibility statements, usually found in the footer of the website.

Learn more about our accessibility resources.