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Law Revision

If you're studying law now is the time to get serious about what you've learnt, and get serious about revision. On these pages you'll find all sorts of resources and advice to help you.

We publish Concentrate study and revision guides to help you consolidate what you know, and maximise exam performance.

Our Concentrate Q&As show you how to really plan and answer law problem questions effectively.

Don't forget to have your Blackstone's Statute by your side during your exams. 

Watch the below video to hear what advice 3 of our 2020 Law Teacher of the Year finalists had to offer their students:

Concentrate Revision & Study guides

public law coverConcentrate and achieve your potential.

Written by experts and covering all key topics, Concentrate guides go above and beyond, not only consolidating your learning but focusing your revision and maximising your exam performance. Each guide includes revision tips, advice on how to achieve extra marks, and a thorough and focused breakdown of the key topics and cases.

See what lecturers and students had to say about the series:

I am hugely positively impressed by this little textbook on the substance: it does a better and clearer job at explaining key issues than many of the core texts.” – Dr Eleni Frantziou, Associate Professor in Public Law & Human Rights, Durham University

"The detail in this revision textbook is phenomenal and is just what is needed to push your exam preparation to the next level." - Stephanie Lomas, law student, University of Central Lancashire

Each Concentrate revision and study guide is supported by extensive student-focused online support, including diagnostic tests, multiple-choice questions, interactive case flashcards, outline answers and more! Access the online resources here. 

Concentrate Questions & Answers

EU law jacketPractise technique; boost your confidence; achieve success.

Developed in collaboration with hundreds of law students and lecturers across the UK, the Concentrate Q&As guide you through how to structure a successful answer to a legal problem. Whether you are preparing for a seminar, completing assessed work, or in exam conditions, each guide shows you how to break down each question, take your learning further, and score extra marks.

"A sure-fire way to get a 1st class result." - Naomi M, law student, Coventry University

"100% would recommend. Makes you feel like you will pass with flying colours." - Elysia Marie Vaughan, law student, University of Hertfordshire

The Concentrate Q&A series provides a wealth of online resources including additional questions with answer guidance, animated answer plans, flashcard glossaries, and more! Access the online resources here. 

What's your favourite format?

e-book_ExampleAll the Concentrate revision guides and Q&As are available as e-books if you prefer that format. You can purchase directly from VitalSource and Kortext, or as Kindle versions through Amazon. You can also purchase all of them for just £25 as a Law Trove collection directly from OUP until 30 June 2023.

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For more information on the digital options available, visit our e-books and digital publishing page.