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Oxford University Press Law Prize

OUP Law Prize Certificate£150 worth of Oxford books for your top performing student.

At Oxford University Press we are committed to 'giving something back' and one way we can do this is to enable law schools to reward their hardworking and talented students.

The Oxford University Press Law prize is available to all law schools throughout the UK and Europe regardless of what textbooks are used on courses. And the purpose of the Oxford University Press Law Prize is to encourage students and to recognize their achievements.

The reward on offer is £150 worth of any Oxford University Press books.

It's easy to award the Oxford University Press Law Prize

It is up to each law school to decide what the prize will be awarded for and who the recipient will be; all we ask is that the prize be publicized as the Oxford University Press Law Prize.

It is very easy to award the Oxford University Press Law Prize. All you need do is notify us of your chosen student (or students if the prize is being shared) in time for the prize to be awarded at the end of each academic year.

After receiving the name and address of the winner, we will send them a prize pack containing a certificate, a copy of our latest title listing and a letter of congratulations explaining how they can claim their £150 worth of books.

We want to hear from you

With many universities currently rewarding their most hard-working students via the Oxford University Press Law Prize, we are on the hunt for law schools who have yet to take up this offer or who may not have awarded the prize in a while.

To register your institution or to check whether your law school is already a recipient of the Oxford University Press Law Prize, please send us an email.

We also welcome any comments or suggestions which could help us to improve our service.

“The Law School is extremely grateful to Oxford University Press for their support through this prize, and the opportunity it gives us to acknowledge one of our most outstanding students.”
Christine Roberts, School Manager, University of Southampton

“I'd like to reiterate my thanks to you for offering me the law prize, it will be and has been very helpful for me this year, not just financially, but as an official recognition of my achievement on the LLB thus far.”
Simon Heydon, Prize Winner, Middlesex University

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generous sponsorship which is a great encouragement to our students, and also for your valuable support in enabling the Business and Law schools to forge closer links with local and national employers.”
Carol Lee, International Administrative Manager, Bradford School of Business & Law

Samantha Coates, prizewinner - University of Brighton John Hardcastle, prizewinner - Sheffield Hallam University