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Law Resources

Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press and the UK’s leading publisher of legal educational materials. We take our position very seriously and are committed to providing the highest quality educational resources for both students and lecturers.

Oxford has the broadest selection of resources for undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational law students; a market leading scholarly and professional publishing programme; a collection of legal journals that stand at the forefront of legal enquiry and research; and cutting edge online resources.

But we don’t just publish books. We firmly believe in giving something back and are delighted to offer additional support to lecturers and their students through a range of initiatives that encourage, reward, involve, and instil confidence throughout a law degree and beyond.

Click the links below to find out more about our additional resources for law lecturers and students, including our goodwill and outreach activities.

Giving back to legal education

Oxford’s Law Teacher of the Year award is the only one of its kind set up on a national level to recognize and reward top teaching talent. Candidates go through a rigorous judging process to win the £3,000 prize money. Nominations are now open for Law Teacher of the Year 2022, click here to find out more about the award and how you can get involved.

With an original moot problem written for every round, and total prize money of over £2,000 the OUP and ICCA National Mooting Competition attracts entries from across the UK, giving students the opportunity to take part in competitive mooting. The 2021/22 Competition started in October. Find out more about the competition on the website.

We are committed to helping you reward your most deserving students. The Oxford University Press Law Prize and the Oxford Law Trove Prize are in place in most law schools, giving back £17,000 of prize funds annually to students. Celebrate excellence at your school by rewarding your most deserving students. Find out how by visiting our Law Prizes page.

The Student Law Panel is now recruiting. Through surveys, focus groups, and questionnaires, our law student panellists from a diverse selection of institutions make a real difference to our law textbook publishing. Their comments feed into live projects and development work. Discover how your students can apply to join the Student Law Panel here.

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