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Edwards the Exegete: Biblical Interpretation and Anglo-Protestant Culture on the Edge of the Enlightenment


Douglas A. Sweeney

January 2018

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Miracles: A Very Short Introduction


Yujin Nagasawa

November 2017

Very Short Introductions

From a chicken nugget shaped like Jesus, to Mohammad splitting the moon in two, to a Japanese doll whose hair grows, Yujin Nagasawa considers reported miracles in ancient scriptures and modern day life, and uses cutting-edge scientific research on belief formation to address some of our most fundamental questions concerning miracles.

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Calvinism: A Very Short Introduction


Jon Balserak

December 2016

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction Jon Balserak explores major ideas and issues associated with the Calvinist system of thought. He looks at how Calvinist ideas and practices spread and took root, helping shape societies today. Much of contemporary thought - especially western thought - on everything from civil government to money, suicide, and divorce has been influenced by Calvinism. Balserak also combats common misconceptions about Calvinism, and explores the relationship between Calvinism and the modern world.

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Theology: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


David Ford

October 2013

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction, David Ford provides a balanced survey, for both believers and non-believers, to the central questions of contemporary theology. In this new edition, Ford includes updates to a number of areas, including theology between faiths, theological responses to science, and the effect of globalization and technology.

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Documents of the Christian Church

Fourth Edition


Henry Bettenson, Chris Maunder

September 2011

This selection of writings from the most important moments in the history of Christianity has become established as a classic reference work. This new edition brings the anthology up-to-date with a new section looking at issues facing the twenty-first century churches.

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On Christian Teaching


St Augustine, R. P. H. Green

April 2008

Oxford World's Classics

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Natural Theology


William Paley, Matthew D. Eddy, David Knight

April 2008

Oxford World's Classics

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