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Biological Psychology


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The Mind's Machine: Foundations of Brain and Behavior

Second Edition


Neil V. Watson, S. Marc Breedlove

October 2017

Engages students from a diverse range of disciplines in the core concepts of behavioral neuroscience

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Sense and Nonsense: Evolutionary perspectives on human behaviour

Second Edition


Kevin N. Laland, Gillian Brown

April 2011

This book asks whether evolution can help us to understand human behaviour and explores diverse evolutionary methods and arguments. It provides a short, readable introduction to the science behind the works of Dawkins, Dennett, Wilson and Pinker. It is widely used in undergraduate courses around the world.

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Evolution and Genetics for Psychology


Daniel Nettle

May 2009

Lays out the conceptual toolkit one needs in order to think in evolutionary terms then goes on to show how these concepts are applied to issues of human behaviour, from sex to social relationships, to learning.

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