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Political Theory



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Rethinking Political Thinkers


Manjeet Ramgotra, Simon Choat

April 2023

Comparing and contrasting dominant and marginal voices, this is the only text to explore key political concepts through a truly diverse range of political thinkers.

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The History of Political Thought: A Very Short Introduction


Richard Whatmore

November 2021

Very Short Introductions

Richard Whatmore examines the diverse, interconnected relationships between political history, theory, and action. Considering the work of Michel Foucalt, John Pocock, Quentin Skinner and other key theorists, this book highlights the connections between past and present political systems, and the ongoing relevance of the field today.

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Introducing Political Philosophy: A Policy-Driven Approach


Andrew Walton, William Abel, Elizabeth Kahn, Tom Parr

February 2021

Offering a uniquely policy-driven approach, Introducing Political Philosophy is the only text to showcase contemporary policy problems through the lens of key debates in political philosophy.

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Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Manfred B. Steger, Ravi K. Roy

January 2021

Very Short Introductions

In its heyday in the late 1990s, neoliberalism emerged as the world's dominant economic paradigm. Since then the global financial crash of 2008 and the recent emergence of more nationalist ideologies have challenged neoliberal assumptions and systems. This book examines the origins, core claims, and global variations of neoliberalism.

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Socialism: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Michael Newman

September 2020

Very Short Introductions

Exploring the role of socialism over the last two hundred years, Michael Newman explains its major theories, and the key challenges facing it today. Drawing on case studies such as Bolivia and Cuba, he considers recent attempts to put socialism into practice, and argues that it remains ultimately relevant in today's world.

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Europe's Crisis of Legitimacy: Governing by Rules and Ruling by Numbers in the Eurozone


Vivien A. Schmidt

May 2020

This volume examines the interrelationship between democratic legitimacy at the European level and the ongoing Eurozone crisis that began in 2010.

Cover for 9780199026142

Studying Public Policy: Principles and Processes

Fourth Edition


Michael Howlett, M. Ramesh, Anthony Perl

March 2020

Cover for 9780198784067

Issues in Political Theory

Fourth Edition


Catriona McKinnon, Robert Jubb, Patrick Tomlin

March 2019

The most engaging introduction to political theory and how it applies to real world issues.

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Fascism: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Kevin Passmore

May 2014

Very Short Introductions

Fascism is notoriously hard to define. In the new edition of this Very Short Introduction, Kevin Passmore unravels the paradoxes of one of the most important phenomena in the modern world, to make sense of its ideology and place in the modern world.

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An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice


William Godwin, Mark Philp

October 2013

Oxford World's Classics

Godwin's Political Justice is the founding work of philosophical anarchism. Drawing on the principles of liberty and utility Godwin criticizes government and all forms of secular and religious authority, advocating the free exercise of individual judgement. He raises enduring questions about the nature of our duty to others.

Cover for 9780199588664

Mao: A Very Short Introduction


Delia Davin

April 2013

Very Short Introductions

Mao Zedong was a giant of 20th century history. In this Very Short Introduction, Delia Davin provides an account of Mao the man. From his childhood as a peasant to ruler of the most populous nation on Earth, she considers the major events in his life, his revolutionary writing, and his utopian dreams that culminated in the Cultural Revolution.

Cover for 9780199695454

History of Political Theory: An Introduction: Volume II: Modern

Second Edition


George Klosko

February 2013

History of Political Theory: An Introduction is an engaging introduction to the main figures in the history of Western Political Theory and their most important works. The second volume traces the origin and development of liberal political theory, and so the foundations for contemporary views.

Cover for 9780199695423

History of Political Theory: An Introduction: Volume I: Ancient and Medieval

Second Edition


George Klosko

October 2012

History of Political Theory: An Introduction is an engaging introduction to the main figures in the history of Western Political Theory and their most important works. The first volume traces the development of political theory "from the beginning" in ancient Greece through to the Reformation.

Cover for 9780195444018

The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism: Hobbes to Locke


C. B. Macpherson, Frank Cunningham

December 2010

Cover for 9780195175394

Tocqueville: A Very Short Introduction


Harvey Mansfield

June 2010

Very Short Introductions

A study of the thought and works of Alexis de Tocqueville written by one of the premier political scientists of our time. Exploring his observations of contemporary democratic politics and his predictions for the triumph and pitfalls of democracy in the future, the volume features the new liberalism of Tocqueville's masterpiece, Democracy in America.

Cover for 9780195311068

Progressivism: A Very Short Introduction


Walter Nugent

February 2010

Very Short Introductions

Cover for 9780199551545

Communism: A Very Short Introduction


Leslie Holmes

August 2009

Very Short Introductions

The collapse of communism was one of the most defining moments of the twentieth century. This Very Short Introduction examines the history behind the political, economic, and social structures of communism as an ideology.

Cover for 9780199555420

Discourse on the Origin of Inequality


Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Franklin Philip, Patrick Coleman

April 2009

Oxford World's Classics

Cover for 9780199539024

Reflections on the Revolution in France


Edmund Burke, L. G. Mitchell

March 2009

Oxford World's Classics

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Thomas Hobbes, J. C. A. Gaskin

September 2008

Oxford World's Classics

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