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Political Institutions & Parties



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The Institutions of the European Union

Fifth Edition


Dermot Hodson, Uwe Puetter, Sabine Saurugger, John Peterson

December 2021

New European Union Series

This is the key text for anyone wishing to understand the functions, powers, and composition of the EU's institutions. From the Council of Ministers to the European Central Bank, all of the most important organisations are analysed and explained by international experts.

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Party Personnel Strategies: Electoral Systems and Parliamentary Committee Assignments


Matthew S Shugart, Matthew E Bergman, Cory L. Struthers, Ellis S Krauss, Robert J Pekkanen

May 2021

Key party goals serve to advance a policy brand and maximize seats in the legislature. This book offers a theory of how political parties assign their elected members — their "personnel" — to specialized legislative committees to serve collective organizational goals, developing the notion of "party personnel strategies".

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Politics in the European Union

Fifth Edition


Simon Bulmer, Owen Parker, Ian Bache, Stephen George, Charlotte Burns

August 2020

The most complete textbook on European Union politics, created to introduce you to everything you need to understand the EU.

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British Politics: A Very Short Introduction

Third Edition


Tony Wright

June 2020

Very Short Introductions

The nature of politics in Britain is being questioned as never before, with Brexit throwing both party and national politics into turmoil. Here, Tony Wright provides the essential context for current debates about the state of British politics, identifying key characteristics of its history and ideas which influence the current political landscape.

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Korea: A Very Short Introduction


Michael J. Seth

January 2020

Very Short Introductions

Korea, long in the shadows of its neighbours China and Japan, is now the object of considerable interest. This book focuses on answering several historical questions: what does it mean to be Korean? How did this nation evolve into today's sharply contrasting societies? And how does Korea fit into the larger narrative of world history?

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African Politics: A Very Short Introduction


Ian Taylor

September 2018

Very Short Introductions

Ian Taylor explores contemporary African politics in all its diversity, revealing how state and society actually functions beyond the formal institutional façade. He examines why questions of underdevelopment, outside exploitation, misrule, and weak state structures are characteristic of so many Sub-Saharan states in particular.

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Exploring Parliament


Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Louise Thompson

February 2018

Discover the work, impact and relevance of parliament in the twenty-first century.

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The British Constitution: A Very Short Introduction


Martin Loughlin

April 2013

Very Short Introductions

The British constitution has grown organically in response to changes in its economic, political, and social environment, and is not contained in a single authoritative text. In this Very Short Introduction, Martin Loughlin examines the nature and authority of the constitution, and its challenging prospects for the future.

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Governance: A Very Short Introduction


Mark Bevir

October 2012

Very Short Introductions

Generally referring to all forms of social coordination and patterns of rule, the term 'governance' is used in many different contexts. In this Very Short Introduction, Mark Bevir explores the main theories of governance and considers their impact on ideas of governance in the corporate, public, and global arenas.

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