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Introduction To Politics



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The History of Political Thought: A Very Short Introduction


Richard Whatmore

November 2021

Very Short Introductions

Richard Whatmore examines the diverse, interconnected relationships between political history, theory, and action. Considering the work of Michel Foucalt, John Pocock, Quentin Skinner and other key theorists, this book highlights the connections between past and present political systems, and the ongoing relevance of the field today.

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Socialism: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Michael Newman

September 2020

Very Short Introductions

Exploring the role of socialism over the last two hundred years, Michael Newman explains its major theories, and the key challenges facing it today. Drawing on case studies such as Bolivia and Cuba, he considers recent attempts to put socialism into practice, and argues that it remains ultimately relevant in today's world.

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Politics in the European Union

Fifth Edition


Simon Bulmer, Owen Parker, Ian Bache, Stephen George, Charlotte Burns

August 2020

The most complete textbook on European Union politics, created to introduce you to everything you need to understand the EU.

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Introduction to Politics

Fourth Edition


Robert Garner, Peter Ferdinand, Stephanie Lawson

April 2020

The only introductory textbook to bring together theory, comparative politics, and international relations, to provide the most comprehensive and global introduction to politics available.

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African Politics: A Very Short Introduction


Ian Taylor

September 2018

Very Short Introductions

Ian Taylor explores contemporary African politics in all its diversity, revealing how state and society actually functions beyond the formal institutional façade. He examines why questions of underdevelopment, outside exploitation, misrule, and weak state structures are characteristic of so many Sub-Saharan states in particular.

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Terrorism: A Very Short Introduction

Third Edition


Charles Townshend

May 2018

Very Short Introductions

Is terrorism crime or war? Can there be a 'war against terrorism'? In this fully updated edition, Charles Townshend unravels the questions at the heart of the problem of terrorism - its causes, methods, effects, and limitations - suggesting that it must be understood as a political strategy whose threat can be rationally grasped and answered.

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Peter Ferdinand, Robert Garner, Stephanie Lawson

April 2018

With an unrivalled combination of exceptional clarity and analysis, this introduction to politics is the perfect text with which to begin your studies of the political world.

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Public Administration: A Very Short Introduction


Stella Z. Theodoulou, Ravi K. Roy

August 2016

Very Short Introductions

In a modern democratic nation, everyday life is shaped by the decisions of those who manage and administer public policies. This Very Short Introduction provides a practical insight into the development and delivery of the decisions that shape how individuals, and society as a whole, live and interact.

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The Welfare State: A Very Short Introduction


David Garland

March 2016

Very Short Introductions

This Very Short Introduction discusses the necessity of welfare states in modern capitalist societies. Situating social policy in an historical, sociological, and comparative perspective, David Garland brings a new understanding to familiar debates, policies, and institutions.

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Modern China: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Rana Mitter

February 2016

Very Short Introductions

This Very Short Introduction addresses the themes, developments, and controversies that have shaped Modern China. Covering a range of social issues, Rana Mitter provides a contemporary view of the world's most populous nation, with a new acknowledgement of China's changing foreign policy, and its unique engagement with the internet.

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Politics: A Very Short Introduction


Kenneth Minogue

February 2000

Very Short Introductions

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