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Environmental Politics



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The Politics of the Earth

Fourth Edition


John S. Dryzek

November 2021

The Politics of the Earth is an innovative and highly respected introduction to environmental politics through a discourse-centred approach. From sustainability to green radicalism, this is the most comprehensive guide to understanding how discourses shape environmental affairs.

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Global Environmental Politics: Understanding the Governance of the Earth


Jean-Frédéric Morin, Amandine Orsini, Sikina Jinnah

March 2020

The most current introduction to key global environmental issues.

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Food and Sustainability


Paul Behrens, Thijs Bosker, David Ehrhardt

January 2020

The first text to introduce students to the full range of disciplines underpinning food sustainability, and help them successfully apply their knowledge to the real-world challenges food sustainability presents.

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The Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses

Third Edition


John S. Dryzek

December 2012

Dryzek provides an accessible introduction to thinking about the environment by looking at the language used to discuss environmental issues. He looks at various approaches which have dominated environmental issues, from faith in unlimited economic growth to radical green politics, and concludes with a plea for ecological democracy.

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