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Particle Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology


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Cover for 9780192845245

A Modern Primer in Particle and Nuclear Physics


Francesco Terranova

November 2021

Suitable for undergraduate and graduate physics students, this unique textbook provides an ideal entry point into particle, nuclear, and astroparticle physics and presents the modern concepts, theories, and experiments that explain the elementary constituents and basic forces of the universe.

Cover for 9780192895646

Relativity Made Relatively Easy Volume 2: General Relativity and Cosmology


Andrew M. Steane

November 2021

Aimed at advanced undergraduate or graduate physics students, the book aims to give a working understanding of astronomy and gravitational waves, as well as introducing the reader to the key concepts in cosmology and classical field theory.

Cover for 9780192856791

Relativity Made Relatively Easy Pack, Volumes 1 and 2 (Paperback): Volume 1: Relativity Made Relatively Easy, Volume 2: General Relativity and Cosmology


Andrew Steane

October 2021

This two-volume book is a comprehensive, detailed account of the physics of relativity. While Vol. 1 is an introductory guide to the basics of relativity, Vol. 2 aims to give a working understanding of astronomy and gravitational waves, as well as outlining the key concepts in cosmology and classical field theory.

Cover for 9780192844200

Elementary Particle Physics: The Standard Theory


John Iliopoulos, Theodore N. Tomaras

October 2021

This engaging introduction to the latest theoretical advances and experimental discoveries in elementary particle physics, culminating in the development of the 'Standard Model', makes this fascinating subject accessible to undergraduate students and aims at motivating them to study it further.

Cover for 9780198864899

Covariant Physics: From Classical Mechanics to General Relativity and Beyond


Moataz H. Emam

March 2021

A textbook for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students using the fundamental principle of covariance as a basis for studying classical mechanics, electrodynamics, the special theory of relativity, and the general theory of relativity, before moving on to more advanced topics of field theory, differential forms, and modified theories of gravity.

Cover for 9780198759867

Semiconductor Physics: Principles, Theory and Nanoscale


Sandip Tiwari

September 2020

This text brings together traditional solid-state approaches from the 20th century with developments of the early part of the 21st century, to reach an understanding of semiconductor physics in its multifaceted forms. It reveals how an understanding of what happens within the material can lead to insights into what happens in its use.

Cover for 9780198858362

Particle Detectors: Fundamentals and Applications


Hermann Kolanoski, Norbert Wermes

June 2020

This book describes the fundamentals of particle detectors as well as their applications. Detector development is an important part of nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics and through its applications in radiation imaging it paves the way for advancements in the biomedical and materials sciences.

Cover for 9780198854227

Quantum Mechanics for Beginners: With Applications to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing


M. Suhail Zubairy

May 2020

An introduction to the fascinating subject of quantum mechanics. Almost entirely algebra-based, this book is accessible to those with only a high school background in physics and mathematics. In addition to the foundations of quantum mechanics, it also provides an introduction to the fields of quantum communication and quantum computing.

Cover for 9780198788102

Statistical Field Theory: An Introduction to Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Physics

Second Edition


Giuseppe Mussardo

March 2020

Oxford Graduate Texts

This textbook provides a thorough introduction to phase transitions and exactly solved models in statistical physics and quantum field theory. It covers a broad area from basic concepts of statistical physics and quantum mechanics to latest developments in low dimensional quantum field theories, phase transitions and non-perturbative analysis.

Cover for 9780198808350

Quantum 20/20: Fundamentals, Entanglement, Gauge Fields, Condensates and Topology


Ian R. Kenyon

September 2019

This textbook for upper-level undergraduates covers the fundamentals and incorporates key themes of quantum physics. Major themes include boson condensation and fermion exclusivity, entanglement, quantum field theory, measurement precision set by quantum mechanics, and topology.

Cover for 9780198786399

Relativity in Modern Physics


Nathalie Deruelle, Jean-Philippe Uzan, Patricia de Forcrand-Millard

August 2018

Oxford Graduate Texts

This comprehensive textbook on relativity integrates Newtonian physics, special relativity and general relativity into a single book. It emphasizes the deep underlying principles common to them all, yet explains how they are applied in different ways in these three contexts.

Cover for 9780199652747

The Black Book of Quantum Chromodynamics: A Primer for the LHC Era


John Campbell, Joey Huston, Frank Krauss

December 2017

This book provides an in-depth introduction to the particle physics of current and future experiments at particle accelerators. The book will provide the reader with an overview of practically all aspects of the strong interaction necessary to understand and appreciate modern particle phenomenology at the energy frontier.

Cover for 9780198788409

From Classical to Quantum Fields


Laurent Baulieu, John Iliopoulos, Roland Sénéor

February 2017

Quantum Field Theory has become the universal language of most modern theoretical physics. This introductory textbook shows how this beautiful theory offers the correct mathematical framework to describe and understand the fundamental interactions of elementary particles.

Cover for 9780198787938

Random Tensors


Răzvan Gheorghe Gurău

October 2016

This book introduces "Random Tensors," a framework for studying random geometries in any dimension. It provides a complete derivation of the key results in the field. Whatever form a theory of Quantum Gravity may take, it must incorporate random geometry.

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