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Cover for 9780198787488

Quantum Information Science



Riccardo Manenti, Mario Motta

01 June 2023

This book explains quantum information, the science at the basis of the new quantum revolution of this century. Aimed at students who are about to begin a master's program or their graduate studies, it teaches the reader to build and program a quantum computer and leverage its potential.

Cover for 9780198822189

The Historical and Physical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics


Robert Golub, Steve Lamoreaux

28 February 2023

Placing the development of quantum mechanics in its historical context, from its philosophical origins in Greece, to its scientific realisation in the 19th and 20th centuries, this textbook book culminates with an examination of the current state of the field and an introduction to quantum information and computing.

Cover for 9780198786139

Introduction to Nanophotonics


Henri Benisty, Jean-Jacques Greffet, Philippe Lalanne

12 April 2022

Oxford Graduate Texts

This book provides an introduction to nanophotonics, a newly emerged and rapidly evolving field combining optics, quantum physics, material sciences, and electrical engineering. It illustrates the theoretical foundations as well as the major advances in the field based on artificial metallic and dielectric nanostructures.

Cover for 9780198834229

Optical Networks


Debasish Datta

26 March 2021

Optical Networks provides a comprehensive all-in-one text for beginning graduate as well as final-year undergraduate students, and also serves well for R&D engineers to quickly refresh the basics and then move on to emerging topics.

Cover for 9780198860532

Nuclear Weapons: A Very Short Introduction

Third Edition


Joseph M. Siracusa

24 September 2020

Very Short Introductions

Nuclear Weapons are the most deadly weapon ever invented. This Very Short Introduction discusses the history and politics of nuclear weapons since their development in the 1940s. It describes the successes and failures of treaties that have aimed for their control and reduction, and their impact on international relations today.

Cover for 9780198759867

Semiconductor Physics: Principles, Theory and Nanoscale


Sandip Tiwari

24 September 2020

This text brings together traditional solid-state approaches from the 20th century with developments of the early part of the 21st century, to reach an understanding of semiconductor physics in its multifaceted forms. It reveals how an understanding of what happens within the material can lead to insights into what happens in its use.

Cover for 9780198529729

Organic Electronics: Foundations to Applications


Stephen R. Forrest

21 August 2020

This textbook provides a basic understanding of the principles of the field of organic electronics through to their applications in organic devices. Useful for the student and practitioner, it is both a teaching text and a resource that is a jumping-off point for learning, working and innovating in this rapidly growing field.

Cover for 9780198862314

Principles of Neutron Scattering from Condensed Matter


Andrew T. Boothroyd

09 July 2020

This textbook provides a comprehensive account of the many different ways neutrons are being used to investigate the behaviour of atoms and molecules in bulk matter. It provides a modern and pedagogical treatment of the principles behind the various neutron scattering techniques that are used at facilities around the world.

Cover for 9780198858362

Particle Detectors: Fundamentals and Applications


Hermann Kolanoski, Norbert Wermes

30 June 2020

This book describes the fundamentals of particle detectors as well as their applications. Detector development is an important part of nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics and through its applications in radiation imaging it paves the way for advancements in the biomedical and materials sciences.

Cover for 9780198842859

Modern Optics Simplified


B. D. Guenther

18 September 2019

This text reduces the complexity of the coverage of optics to allow students with elementary calculus to learn the principles of optics and modern Fourier theory of diffraction and imaging. Each chapter offers simple examples from real engineering problems and includes current topics in imaging such as optical coherence tomography and fiber optics.

Cover for 9780198808350

Quantum 20/20: Fundamentals, Entanglement, Gauge Fields, Condensates and Topology


Ian R. Kenyon

10 September 2019

This textbook for upper-level undergraduates covers the fundamentals and incorporates key themes of quantum physics. Major themes include boson condensation and fermion exclusivity, entanglement, quantum field theory, measurement precision set by quantum mechanics, and topology.

Cover for 9780199609802

Tribology on the Small Scale: A Modern Textbook on Friction, Lubrication, and Wear

Second Edition


C. Mathew Mate, Robert W. Carpick

30 August 2019

Oxford Graduate Texts

Friction, lubrication, adhesion, and wear are prevalent physical phenomena in everyday life and in many key technologies. This book explains how these tribological phenomena originate from atomistic and microscale physical phenomena and shows how this understanding can be used to solve macroscale tribology problems.

Cover for 9780198813941

Physics: A Very Short Introduction


Sidney Perkowitz

25 July 2019

Very Short Introductions

Physics encompasses all levels of nature from the subatomic to the cosmic, and underlies much of the technology around us. From modern quantum mechanics to cosmology, digital electronics, and energy production, this book discusses why physics is worth doing and how physicists do it.

Cover for 9780198823902

Problems in Structural Inorganic Chemistry

Second Edition


Wai-Kee Li, Hung Kay Lee, Dennis Kee Pui Ng, Yu-San Cheung, Kendrew Kin Wah Mak, Thomas Chung Wai Mak

30 November 2018

This textbook offers over 400 problems and solutions in structural inorganic chemistry for senior undergraduates and beginning graduates. It is an updated companion text to Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry by the same authors. The new edition adds over 100 new problems and three new chapters on metal compounds and bioinorganic chemistry.

Cover for 9780198803782

Waves: A Very Short Introduction


Mike Goldsmith

22 November 2018

Very Short Introductions

From sound waves to gravitational waves, and from waves of light to crashing rollers on the ocean, Mike Goldsmith explores the fundamental features shared by all waves in the natural world, and considers the range of phenomena resulting from wave motion, including reflection, diffraction, and polarization in light, and beats and echoes in sound.

Cover for 9780198821915

Solved Problems in Classical Electromagnetism: Analytical and Numerical Solutions with Comments


J. Pierrus

02 August 2018

Classical electromagnetism - one of the fundamental pillars of physics - is an important topic for all types of physicists from the theoretical to the applied. Although there are many books on this subject, hardly any are written in the question-and-answer style format adopted in this book.

Cover for 9780198812623

Plasma Physics and Fusion Plasma Electrodynamics


Abraham Bers

25 January 2018

Plasma is a ubiquitous state of matter at high temperatures. The electrodynamics of plasmas encompasses many applications, from understanding plasmas in space and the stars, to their use in processing semiconductors. This textbook at the early graduate level covers basic plasma physics and illustrates its use in many current applications.

Cover for 9780198525844

Atomic Physics: Precise Measurements and Ultracold Matter


Massimo Inguscio, Leonardo Fallani

19 September 2013

This book traces the evolution of Atomic Physics from precision spectroscopy to the manipulation of atoms at a billionth of a degree above absolute zero. Quantum worlds can be simulated and fundamental theories, such as General Relativity and Quantum Electrodynamics, can be tested with table-top experiments.

Cover for 9780199651931

Electricity and Magnetism, Volumes 1 and 2

Third Edition


B. I. Bleaney, B. Bleaney

11 April 2013

Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Sciences

A reissue of two classic volumes on electromagnetism. It provides an introduction to the principles and experimental aspects of electricity and magnetism, as well as coverage of electrical and magnetic properties of matter, dielectrics, semiconductors, superconductors, and electronic devices and circuits.

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