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Cover for 9780198822196

The Historical and Physical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics


Robert Golub, Steve Lamoreaux

28 February 2023

Placing the development of quantum mechanics in its historical context, from its philosophical origins in Greece, to its scientific realisation in the 19th and 20th centuries, this textbook book culminates with an examination of the current state of the field and an introduction to quantum information and computing.

Cover for 9780198860532

Nuclear Weapons: A Very Short Introduction

Third Edition


Joseph M. Siracusa

24 September 2020

Very Short Introductions

Nuclear Weapons are the most deadly weapon ever invented. This Very Short Introduction discusses the history and politics of nuclear weapons since their development in the 1940s. It describes the successes and failures of treaties that have aimed for their control and reduction, and their impact on international relations today.

Cover for 9780198860785

Physics of Elasticity and Crystal Defects


Adrian P. Sutton

25 June 2020

Oxford Series on Materials Modelling

Although linear elasticity of defects in solids is well established, this textbook introduces the subject in a novel way by comparing key concepts at the atomic scale and at the usual continuum scale, and it explores the relationships between these treatments. There are exercises to work through, with solutions for instructors from the OUP website.

Cover for 9780198842866

Modern Optics Simplified


Robert D. Guenther

18 September 2019

This text reduces the complexity of the coverage of optics to allow students with elementary calculus to learn the principles of optics and modern Fourier theory of diffraction and imaging. Each chapter offers simple examples from real engineering problems and includes current topics in imaging such as optical coherence tomography and fiber optics.

Cover for 9780198808367

Quantum 20/20: Fundamentals, Entanglement, Gauge Fields, Condensates and Topology


Ian R. Kenyon

10 September 2019

This textbook for upper-level undergraduates covers the fundamentals and incorporates key themes of quantum physics. Major themes include boson condensation and fermion exclusivity, entanglement, quantum field theory, measurement precision set by quantum mechanics, and topology.

Cover for 9780198813941

Physics: A Very Short Introduction


Sidney Perkowitz

25 July 2019

Very Short Introductions

Physics encompasses all levels of nature from the subatomic to the cosmic, and underlies much of the technology around us. From modern quantum mechanics to cosmology, digital electronics, and energy production, this book discusses why physics is worth doing and how physicists do it.

Cover for 9780198786795

Optics f2f: From Fourier to Fresnel


Charles S. Adams, Ifan G. Hughes

13 December 2018

This textbook on optics introduces key concepts of wave optics and light propagation. The book highlights topics in contemporary optics such as propagation, dispersion and apodisation. The principles are applied through worked examples, and the book is copiously illustrated with more than 240 figures and 200 end-of-chapter exercises.

Cover for 9780198803782

Waves: A Very Short Introduction


Mike Goldsmith

22 November 2018

Very Short Introductions

From sound waves to gravitational waves, and from waves of light to crashing rollers on the ocean, Mike Goldsmith explores the fundamental features shared by all waves in the natural world, and considers the range of phenomena resulting from wave motion, including reflection, diffraction, and polarization in light, and beats and echoes in sound.

Cover for 9780198821922

Solved Problems in Classical Electromagnetism: Analytical and Numerical Solutions with Comments


J. Pierrus

02 August 2018

Classical electromagnetism - one of the fundamental pillars of physics - is an important topic for all types of physicists from the theoretical to the applied. Although there are many books on this subject, hardly any are written in the question-and-answer style format adopted in this book.

Cover for 9780198796671

Light-Matter Interaction: Physics and Engineering at the Nanoscale

Second Edition


John Weiner, Frederico Nunes

02 February 2017

This book provides advanced undergraduates, graduate students and researchers from diverse disciplines with the principal tools required to understand and contribute to rapidly advancing developments in light-matter interaction, centred at optical frequencies and length scales from a few hundred nanometres to a few hundredths of a nanometre.

Cover for 9780198742982

Laser Experiments for Chemistry and Physics


Robert N. Compton, Michael A. Duncan

12 November 2015

This book provides a collection of experiments to introduce lasers into the undergraduate curricula in Chemistry and Physics. A variety of experiments are included with different levels of complexity. All have background information, experimental details and the theoretical background necessary to interpret the results.

Cover for 9780199688579

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics


James Binney, David Skinner

31 October 2013

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics aims to give students a good understanding of how quantum mechanics describes the material world. The text stresses the continuity between the quantum world and the classical world, which is merely an approximation to the quantum world.

Cover for 9780198527633

Quantum Information


Stephen Barnett

28 May 2009

Oxford Master Series in Physics

Quantum information is a new area of science, which brings together physics, information theory, computer science and mathematics. The book, which is based on two successful lecture courses, is intended to introduce readers to the exciting ideas behind ground-breaking developments including quantum cryptography, teleportation and quantum computing.

Cover for 9780198566731

Quantum Optics: An Introduction


Mark Fox

27 April 2006

Oxford Master Series in Physics

Cover for 9780198506966

Atomic Physics


C.J. Foot

25 November 2004

Oxford Master Series in Physics

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