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Atomic, Laser & Optical Physics


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    • Atomic, Laser & Optical Physics


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Cover for 9780198796671

Light-Matter Interaction: Physics and Engineering at the Nanoscale

Second Edition


John Weiner, Frederico Nunes

February 2017

This book provides advanced undergraduates, graduate students and researchers from diverse disciplines with the principal tools required to understand and contribute to rapidly advancing developments in light-matter interaction, centred at optical frequencies and length scales from a few hundred nanometres to a few hundredths of a nanometre.

Cover for 9780198742982

Laser Experiments for Chemistry and Physics


Robert N. Compton, Michael A. Duncan

November 2015

This book provides a collection of experiments to introduce lasers into the undergraduate curricula in Chemistry and Physics. A variety of experiments are included with different levels of complexity. All have background information, experimental details and the theoretical background necessary to interpret the results.

Cover for 9780198749349

Practical Quantum Mechanics: Modern Tools and Applications


Efstratios Manousakis

November 2015

Oxford Graduate Texts

This book presents the reader with modern tools, approaches, approximations, and applications of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics forms the foundation of all modern physics, including atomic, nuclear, and molecular physics, the physics of the elementary particles, condensed matter physics, and also modern astrophysics.

Cover for 9780199644520

Quantum Confined Laser Devices: Optical gain and recombination in semiconductors


Peter Blood

October 2015

Oxford Master Series in Physics

This book is intended to take students, final year undergraduates and graduates, and researchers along the path to understand quantum processes in semiconductors, and to enable them, as researchers, to contribute to further advances and inventions.

Cover for 9780199688579

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics


James Binney, David Skinner

October 2013

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics aims to give students a good understanding of how quantum mechanics describes the material world. The text stresses the continuity between the quantum world and the classical world, which is merely an approximation to the quantum world.

Cover for 9780198525844

Atomic Physics: Precise Measurements and Ultracold Matter


Massimo Inguscio, Leonardo Fallani

September 2013

This book traces the evolution of Atomic Physics from precision spectroscopy to the manipulation of atoms at a billionth of a degree above absolute zero. Quantum worlds can be simulated and fundamental theories, such as General Relativity and Quantum Electrodynamics, can be tested with table-top experiments.

Cover for 9780199651931

Electricity and Magnetism, Volumes 1 and 2

Third Edition


B. I. Bleaney, B. Bleaney

April 2013

Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Sciences

A reissue of two classic volumes on electromagnetism. It provides an introduction to the principles and experimental aspects of electricity and magnetism, as well as coverage of electrical and magnetic properties of matter, dielectrics, semiconductors, superconductors, and electronic devices and circuits.

Cover for 9780198527633

Quantum Information


Stephen Barnett

May 2009

Oxford Master Series in Physics

Quantum information is a new area of science, which brings together physics, information theory, computer science and mathematics. The book, which is based on two successful lecture courses, is intended to introduce readers to the exciting ideas behind ground-breaking developments including quantum cryptography, teleportation and quantum computing.

Cover for 9780198566731

Quantum Optics: An Introduction


Mark Fox

April 2006

Oxford Master Series in Physics

Cover for 9780198506966

Atomic Physics


C.J. Foot

November 2004

Oxford Master Series in Physics

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