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The Linguistics of Humor: An Introduction


Salvatore Attardo

June 2020

This book is the first comprehensive and systematic introduction to the linguistics of humor, exploring not only theoretical linguistic analyses, but also topics from applied linguistics. It will be a valuable resource for students from advanced undergraduate level upwards, particularly those coming to linguistics from related disciplines.

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Early Modern German Philosophy (1690-1750)


Corey W. Dyck

January 2020

Early Modern German Philosophy (1690-1750) provides translations of some of the key texts of early German philosophers, in many cases for the first time. Collectively, the texts make a strong case for a Philosophical tradition which has typically been underappreciated, until now.

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The Multiple Realization Book


Thomas W. Polger, Lawrence A. Shapiro

July 2016

Thomas W. Polger and Lawrence A. Shapiro offer the first full investigation of multiple realization—the idea that minds can be realized in ways other than the human brain. They cast doubt on the hypothesis and offer an alternative framework for understanding explanations in the cognitive sciences, and in chemistry, biology, and related fields.

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The Oxford Handbook of the Self


Shaun Gallagher

September 2013

Oxford Handbooks

The Oxford Handbook of the Self explores a fascinating diversity of questions about our understanding of self from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, including philosophy, ethics, psychology, neuroscience, psychopathology, narrative, and postmodern theories.

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Philosophy of Mind: A Beginner's Guide


Ian Ravenscroft

March 2005

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Philosophy of Mind: A Guide and Anthology


John Heil

October 2003

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