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Cover for 9780192845993

Essays on Relativism: 2001-2021


Crispin Wright

17 August 2023

The idea that truth might be relative has recently been taken seriously again in philosophy, after years of ill repute. Crispin Wright has been a leading critic of the new relativism: this volume charts the development of his thinking on the topic over two decades.

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Humean Laws for Human Agents


Michael Townsen Hicks, Siegfried Jaag, Christian Loew

01 June 2023

Humeans hold that laws of nature are nothing more than particularly effective summaries of what actually happens. This volume presents cutting-edge research in this area, with innovative new work on the epistemology of laws and chance, the problem of induction, counterfactuals, special science laws, and a Humean account of essence.

Cover for 9780198874959

Are We Bodies or Souls?: Revised edition


Richard Swinburne

02 February 2023

What makes us human? Richard Swinburne presents new philosophical arguments, supported by modern neuroscience, for the view that we are immaterial souls sustained in existence by our brains.

Cover for 9780190941628

Metaphysics: An Introduction to Contemporary Debates and Their History


Anna Marmodoro, Erasmus Mayr

30 May 2019

Cover for 9780199684434

Causation: A Very Short Introduction


Stephen Mumford, Rani Lill Anjum

28 November 2013

Very Short Introductions

Without cause and effect, there would be no science or technology, no moral responsibility, and no system of law. Causation is therefore the most fundamental connection in the universe and a core topic of philosophical thought. This Very Short Introduction introduces all of the main theories of causation and its key debates.

Cover for 9780199679553

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Time


Craig Callender

05 September 2013

Oxford Handbooks

This is the first comprehensive book on the philosophy of time. Leading philosophers discuss the metaphysics of time, our experience and representation of time, the role of time in ethics and action, and philosophical issues in the sciences of time, especially quantum mechanics and relativity theory.

Cover for 9780199657124

Metaphysics: A Very Short Introduction


Stephen Mumford

30 August 2012

Very Short Introductions

In this easy-to-understand introduction, Stephen Mumford explores one of the four main branches of philosophy: metaphysics. Using practical examples to explore the main issues, he presents the ideas in a clear and simple way, helping to clarify and unravel the basic questions of this complex and abstract concept.

Cover for 9780199642588

The Oxford Handbook of Causation


Helen Beebee, Christopher Hitchcock, Peter Menzies

12 January 2012

Oxford Handbooks

Causation is a central topic in many areas of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, ethics, history of philosophy, and philosophy of science. Thirty-seven specially written chapters by some of the world's leading philosophers provide the most comprehensive critical guide available to issues surrounding causation.

Cover for 9780199594412

Reality: A Very Short Introduction


Jan Westerhoff

24 November 2011

Very Short Introductions

'What is real?' has been one of the key questions of philosophy since its beginning in antiquity. But it is not just a question that philosophers ask. This Very Short Introduction discusses what reality is by looking at a variety of arguments, theories, and thought-experiments from philosophy, physics, and cognitive science.

Cover for 9780199261970

Metaphysics: A Guide and Anthology


Tim Crane, Katalin Farkas

15 January 2004

Cover for 9780198752530

A Survey of Metaphysics


E. J. Lowe

17 January 2002

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