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Essays on Relativism: Two-thousand-and-one to two-thousand-and-twenty-one


Crispin Wright

17 August 2023

The idea that truth might be relative has recently been taken seriously again in philosophy, after years of ill repute. Crispin Wright has been a leading critic of the new relativism: this volume charts the development of his thinking on the topic over two decades.

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Humean Laws for Humean Agents


Michael Townsen Hicks, Siegfried Jaag, Christian Loew

01 June 2023

Humeans hold that laws of nature are nothing more than particularly effective summaries of what actually happens. This volume presents cutting-edge research in this area, with innovative new work on the epistemology of laws and chance, the problem of induction, counterfactuals, special science laws, and a Humean account of essence.

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