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Ethics & Moral Philosophy

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Discourses, Fragments, Handbook


Epictetus, Robin Hard, Christopher Gill

February 2014

Oxford World's Classics

This is the only complete modern translation of Epictetus's Discourses, together with the Handbook and fragments. A major work of Stoic practical ethics, the Discourses teach that the basis of happiness is up to us. This accessible new translation is accompanied by a full introduction and thorough notes.

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On What Matters: Volume One


Derek Parfit

July 2013

The Berkeley Tanner Lectures

This is the first volume of a major work in moral philosophy, the long-awaited follow-up to Parfit's classic Reasons and Persons, a landmark of 20th-century philosophy. Parfit presents a powerful new treatment of reasons and a critical examination of the most prominent systematic moral theories, leading to his own ground-breaking conclusion.

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Contemporary Moral Arguments: Readings in Ethical Issues

Second Edition


Lewis Vaughn

December 2012

Cover for 9780199782437

Reflecting on Nature: Readings in Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Second Edition


Lori Gruen, Dale Jamieson, Christopher Schlottmann

October 2012

Cover for 9780199846290

Military Ethics: An Introduction with Case Studies


Stephen Coleman

September 2012

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Sayings and Anecdotes: with Other Popular Moralists


Diogenes the Cynic, Robin Hard

May 2012

Oxford World's Classics

A unique edition of the sayings of Diogenes, whose biting wit and eccentricity inspired the anecdotes that express his Cynic philosophy. It includes the accounts of his immediate successors, such as Crates and Hipparchia, and the witty moral preacher Bion. The contrasting teachings of the Cyrenaics and the hedonistic Aristippos complete the volume.

Cover for 9780199791156

Classics of Political and Moral Philosophy

Second Edition


Steven M. Cahn

September 2011

Cover for 9780199573202

Meditations: with selected correspondence


Marcus Aurelius, Robin Hard, Christopher Gill

September 2011

Oxford World's Classics

Marcus Aurelius' Meditations is a private notebook of philosophical reflections with universal significance. Drawing on Stoic philosophy, Marcus confronts challenges that affect us all in our struggle to live meaningful lives. This edition includes a selection of Marcus' correspondence with his tutor Fronto which complements the Meditations.

Cover for 9780199586431

The Eudemian Ethics


Aristotle, Anthony Kenny

July 2011

Oxford World's Classics

The Eudemian Ethics is a major treatise on moral philosophy whose central concern is what makes life worth living. This is the first time it has been published in its entirety in any modern language. Anthony Kenny's fine translation is accompanied by a lucid introduction and explanatory notes.

Cover for 9780199569694

Conscience: A Very Short Introduction


Paul Strohm

June 2011

Very Short Introductions

Where does our conscience come from, and how reliable is it? Exploring its deep historical roots, Paul Strohm considers what conscience has meant to successive generations. Using examples from popular culture and contemporary politics he demonstrates that conscience is as important today as it has ever been.

Cover for 9780199603572

Killing in War


Jeff McMahan

February 2011

Uehiro Series in Practical Ethics

Jeff McMahan urges us to reject the view, dominant throughout history, that mere participation in an unjust war is not wrong. He argues powerfully that combatants who fight for an unjust cause are acting wrongly and are themselves morally responsible for their actions. We must rethink our attitudes to the moral role of the individual in war.

Cover for 9780199594962

Human Enhancement


Julian Savulescu, Nick Bostrom

October 2010

To what extent should we use technological advances to try to make better human beings? Leading philosophers debate the possibility of enhancing human cognition, mood, personality, and physical performance, and controlling aging. Would this take us beyond the bounds of human nature? These are questions that need to be answered now.

Cover for 9780199297221

The Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics


Arthur Schopenhauer, David Cartwright, Edward E. Erdmann, Christopher Janaway

May 2010

Oxford World's Classics

Schopenhauer's two essays On the Freedom of the Will and On the Basis of Morals form his complete system of ethics. Their doctrines are here presented in more accessible, self-contained form than in his larger work, and in a new translation, introduced by Christopher Janaway, that preserves Schopenhauer's style in modern English.

Cover for 9780199533213

Selected Letters


Seneca, Elaine Fantham, Elaine Fantham

March 2010

Oxford World's Classics

This is the largest selection of Stoic philosopher and tragedian Seneca's letters currently available. In them Seneca advises his friend Lucilius on how to do without what is superfluous, whether on the subject of happiness, riches, reputation, or the emotions. We learn too about Seneca's personal and political life in the time of Nero.

Cover for 9780199552566

Ecce Homo: How To Become What You Are


Friedrich Nietzsche, Duncan Large

September 2009

Oxford World's Classics

Ecce Homo is an autobiography like no other. Nietzsche passes under review all his previous books and reaches a final reckoning with his many enemies. Ecce Homo is the summation of an extraordinary philosophical career.

Cover for 9780199213610

The Nicomachean Ethics

New Edition


Aristotle, David Ross, Lesley Brown

June 2009

Oxford World's Classics

In the Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle examines the nature of happiness, which he defines as a specially good kind of life. He considers the nature of practical reasoning, friendship, and the role and importance of the moral virtues in the best life. This new edition features a revised translation and valuable new introduction and notes.

Cover for 9780199232352

Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction


Nigel Warburton

February 2009

Very Short Introductions

How important is free speech? Should it be defended at any cost? Or should we set limits on what can and cannot be said? This Very Short Introduction offers a lively and thought-provoking guide to these questions, exploring both the traditional philosophical arguments as well as the practical issues and controversies facing society today.

Cover for 9780199537082

On the Genealogy of Morals: A Polemic. By way of clarification and supplement to my last book Beyond Good and Evil


Friedrich Nietzsche, Douglas Smith

August 2008

Oxford World's Classics

Cover for 9780199549702

The Elements of Law Natural and Politic. Part I: Human Nature; Part II: De Corpore Politico: with Three Lives


Thomas Hobbes, J. C. A. Gaskin

July 2008

Oxford World's Classics

Cover for 9780192806109

Outlines of the Philosophy of Right


G. W. F. Hegel, T. M. Knox, Stephen Houlgate

July 2008

Oxford World's Classics

Hegel's Philosophy of Right concerns ideas on justice, moral responsibility, family life, economic activity, and the political structure of the state. It shows how human freedom involves living with others in accordance with publicly recognized righs and laws. This edition combines a revised translation with a cogent introduction to Hegel's work.

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