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Ethics & Moral Philosophy

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Data Science Ethics: Concepts, Techniques, and Cautionary Tales


David Martens

February 2022

This book examines a variety of different concepts related to data science ethics and techniques that can help with, or lead to, ethical concerns, whilst featuring cautionary tales that illustrate the importance and potential impact of data science ethics.

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Sustainability: What Everyone Needs to Know®


Paul B. Thompson, Patricia E. Norris

April 2021

What Everyone Needs To Know®

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The Virtues: A Very Short Introduction


Craig A. Boyd, Kevin Timpe

March 2021

Very Short Introductions

The nature of the virtues has a long tradition of thought, from Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas. This book considers the virtues in various cultural, religious, and philosophical contexts. Examining the key virtues, and some of the vices, it explores the cultivation of the virtues as an alternative way of moral thinking.

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Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Simon Blackburn

January 2021

Very Short Introductions

Simon Blackburn tackles the major moral questions surrounding birth, death, happiness, desire, and freedom, and considers how we should think about the meaning of life. This new edition highlights the importance of an understanding of approaches to ethics and its foundations, and how this relates to our modern world of eroding trust.

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Rethinking Existentialism


Jonathan Webber

August 2020

Jonathan Webber presents an original interpretation of existentialism as the ethical theory that human freedom is the foundation of all other values. He analyses classic works by Sartre, Beauvoir, and Fanon, in critical contrast with others by Camus, Freud, and Merleau-Ponty and discusses key topics such as character, gender, and race.

Cover for 9780198850052

Buddhist Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Damien Keown

June 2020

Very Short Introductions

Damien Keown offers an introduction to Buddhist moral teachings, and considers the application of Buddhist ethical principles to pressing issues today, including violence and terrorism; environment; treatment of animals; and views on sexuality and gender; abortion; suicide and euthanasia; and technological developments such as AI.

Cover for 9780190059316

An Invitation to Feminist Ethics

Second Edition


Hilde Lindemann

October 2019

Cover for 9780198797166

Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction


Robin Attfield

December 2018

Very Short Introductions

Robin Attfield introduces environmental ethics, exploring the values involved in issues such as pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. Considering the different groups involved in environmental ethics, and the attitudes of the world's religions to environmental stewardship, he calls for action from us all to manage our environment ethically.

Cover for 9780198815600

Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Michael Dunn, Tony Hope

November 2018

Very Short Introductions

Dealing with some of the thorniest problems in medicine, from euthanasia to the distribution of health care resources, this book introduces the reasoning we can use to approach medical ethics. Exploring how medical ethics supports health professionals' work, it also considers the impact of the media, pressure groups, and legal judgments.

Cover for 9780190467722

Exploring Inductive Risk: Case Studies of Values in Science


Kevin C. Elliott, Ted Richards

July 2017

Cover for 9780198728795

Utilitarianism: A Very Short Introduction


Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek, Peter Singer

July 2017

Very Short Introductions

Utilitarianism is one of the most important and influential secular philosophies of modern times, and has drawn considerable debate and controversy. This Very Short Introduction considers its origins, its relevance to modern moral challenges, and the arguments and discussions around utilitarian approaches.

Cover for 9780198745587

Philosophy of Science: Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Samir Okasha

July 2016

Very Short Introductions

This Very Short Introduction provides a concise overview of the main themes of contemporary philosophy of science. It explores the fundamental questions and challenges in the field, and looks at philosophical issues in particular sciences, including the problem of classification in biology, and the nature of space and time in physics.

Cover for 9780199684137

The Passions of the Soul and Other Late Philosophical Writings


René Descartes, Michael Moriarty

November 2015

Oxford World's Classics

The Passions of the Soul is Descartes's greatest contribution to the understanding of the union of mind and body. It discusses the emotions and their place in human life. This volume also includes both sides of the correspondence with Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, crucial to the genesis of the work, and Part I of The Principles of Philosophy.

Cover for 9780198709596

Ethics and the Acquisition of Organs


T. M. Wilkinson

February 2015

Issues in Biomedical Ethics

Transplantation is a medically successful and cost-effective way to treat people whose organs have failed—but not enough organs are available to meet demand. T. M. Wilkinson explores the major ethical problems raised by policies for acquiring organs. Key topics include the rights of the dead, the role of the family, and the sale of organs.

Cover for 9780195398915

Confucianism: A Very Short Introduction


Daniel K. Gardner

June 2014

Very Short Introductions

Cover for 9780199595181

Discourses, Fragments, Handbook


Epictetus, Robin Hard, Christopher Gill

February 2014

Oxford World's Classics

This is the only complete modern translation of Epictetus's Discourses, together with the Handbook and fragments. A major work of Stoic practical ethics, the Discourses teach that the basis of happiness is up to us. This accessible new translation is accompanied by a full introduction and thorough notes.

Cover for 9780199351978

The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics


Tom L. Beauchamp, R.G. Frey

February 2014

Oxford Handbooks

Cover for 9780199681037

On What Matters: Volume One


Derek Parfit

July 2013

The Berkeley Tanner Lectures

This is the first volume of a major work in moral philosophy, the long-awaited follow-up to Parfit's classic Reasons and Persons, a landmark of 20th-century philosophy. Parfit presents a powerful new treatment of reasons and a critical examination of the most prominent systematic moral theories, leading to his own ground-breaking conclusion.

Cover for 9780199922260

Contemporary Moral Arguments: Readings in Ethical Issues

Second Edition


Lewis Vaughn

December 2012

Cover for 9780199782437

Reflecting on Nature: Readings in Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Second Edition


Lori Gruen, Dale Jamieson, Christopher Schlottmann

October 2012

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