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Cover for 9780199557233

Addiction: A Very Short Introduction


Keith Humphreys

23 February 2023

Very Short Introductions

Addiction is a subject which straddles public and personal interests, societal and criminal justice concerns, and social and medical responses. This Very Short Introduction is an accessible introduction to the basic facts about addiction: what it is, how and why it develops, how it is treated, and how society can respond to it.

Cover for 9780198825784

Dementia: A Very Short Introduction


Kathleen Taylor

23 July 2020

Very Short Introductions

Kathleen Taylor offers a clear guide to dementia, covering its history and its definition, different types and their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and the underlying science. She also explains why we still have no cure for dementia, and looks at current research which could soon change that.

Cover for 9780198812586

Biomedical Fluid Dynamics: Flow and Form


Troy Shinbrot

30 April 2019

This is a readable and attractively presented overview of fluid flow in biological systems. Examples include flow through blood vessels, pulsatile flow, and pattern formation. The book includes popular vignettes and historical anecdotes and it offers a first-principles introduction to modern mathematical methods needed to solve complex problems.

Cover for 9780198815600

Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Michael Dunn, Tony Hope

22 November 2018

Very Short Introductions

Dealing with some of the thorniest problems in medicine, from euthanasia to the distribution of health care resources, this book introduces the reasoning we can use to approach medical ethics. Exploring how medical ethics supports health professionals' work, it also considers the impact of the media, pressure groups, and legal judgments.

Cover for 9780198737223

Human Physiology

Fifth Edition


Gillian Pocock, Christopher D. Richards, David A. Richards

07 December 2017

The most complete introduction to human physiology, providing all the necessary detail in a clear and accessible style.

Cover for 9780198727491

HIV & AIDS: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Alan Whiteside

24 November 2016

Very Short Introductions

HIV/ AIDS continues to be a major public health issue, affecting millions of sufferers worldwide. This Very Short Introduction explains the science, the international and local politics, the demographics, and the devastating consequences of the disease, and addresses some of the big issues that will concern us over the next decade.

Cover for 9780199581450

Blood: A Very Short Introduction


Chris Cooper

22 September 2016

Very Short Introductions

Blood is a vital component of the bodies of most multicellular animals. Chris Cooper discusses blood's critical role in both biology and in human society, ranging from its place in religious rituals to its uses in modern medicine.

Cover for 9780198707370

Human Anatomy: A Very Short Introduction


Leslie Klenerman

26 February 2015

Very Short Introductions

An understanding of the structure and function of the human body is vital for anyone studying the medical and health sciences. In this Very Short Introduction Leslie Klenerman provides a clear and accessible overview of the main systems of the human anatomy, illustrated with a number of clear explanatory diagrams.

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