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Cover for 9780199237180

Category Theory

Second Edition


Steve Awodey

17 June 2010

Oxford Logic Guides

A comprehensive reference to category theory for students and researchers in mathematics, computer science, logic, cognitive science, linguistics, and philosophy. Useful for self-study and as a course text, the book includes all basic definitions and theorems (with full proofs), as well as numerous examples and exercises.

Cover for 9780199233564

Statistics: A Very Short Introduction


David J. Hand

23 October 2008

Very Short Introductions

Statistics has evolved into an exciting discipline which uses deep theory and powerful software to shed light on the world around us: from clinical trials in medicine, to economics, sociology, and countless other subjects vital to understanding modern life. This Very Short Introduction explores and explains how statistics works today.

Cover for 9780199219865

An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers

Sixth Edition


G. H. Hardy, E. M. Wright, Roger Heath-Brown, Joseph Silverman, Andrew Wiles

31 July 2008

The sixth edition of the classic undergraduate text in elementary number theory includes a new chapter on elliptic curves and their role in the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, a foreword by Andrew Wiles and extensively revised and updated end-of-chapter notes.

Cover for 9780198525622

Introduction to Complex Analysis

Second Edition


H. A. Priestley

28 August 2003

Cover for 9780192853615

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction


Timothy Gowers

22 August 2002

Very Short Introductions

Cover for 9780198534464

Visual Complex Analysis


Tristan Needham

26 November 1998

Cover for 9780195105193

What Is Mathematics?: An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods

Second Edition


Richard Courant, Herbert Robbins, Ian Stewart

05 September 1996

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