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Probability & Statistics


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Quantum Theory: An Information Processing Approach


Jochen Rau

May 2021

This text, for the first time, introduces quantum theory from the perspective of both the physical foundations and practical applications - from quantum computers to secure communication. It requires minimal mathematics and virtually no prior knowledge of physics, and is accessible to beginning undergraduates and students of related disciplines.

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Probability and Random Processes

Fourth Edition


Geoffrey Grimmett, David Stirzaker

July 2020

Probability is a core topic in science and life. This successful self-contained volume leads the reader from the foundations of probability theory and random processes to advanced topics and it presents a mathematical treatment with many applications to real-life situations.

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One Thousand Exercises in Probability: Third Edition

Third Edition


Geoffrey Grimmett, David Stirzaker

July 2020

This volume of more than 1300 exercises and solutions in probability theory has two roles. It is both a freestanding book of exercises and solutions in probability theory, and a manual for students and teachers covering the exercises and problems in the companion volume Probability and Random Processes (4th edition).

Cover for 9780198807483

Biomeasurement: A Student's Guide to Biological Statistics

Fourth Edition


Dawn Hawkins

May 2019

The introductory biological statistics text with the best online resources and software support for bioscience students needing to integrate statistics into their studies and apply it in their research.

Cover for 9780198785705

Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks

Second Edition


Andrew Gelman, Deborah Nolan

May 2017

To help overcome the challenges of teaching statistics across various diciplines, Gelman and Nolan have put together this fascinating and thought-provoking book based on years of teaching experience.

Cover for 9780198709978

Probability: An Introduction

Second Edition


Geoffrey Grimmett, Dominic Welsh

August 2014

Probability is an area of mathematics of tremendous contemporary importance across all aspects of human endeavour. This book is a compact account of the basic features of probability and random processes at the level of first and second year mathematics undergraduates and Masters' students in cognate fields.

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