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Horace: A Very Short Introduction


Llewelyn Morgan

23 November 2023

Very Short Introductions

This book examines the career of the Roman poet Horace, one of the greatest writers in Roman literature. It introduces his poetry with illustrations from all his works, and contextualises his career in Greek and Roman literary tradition and within the tumultuous events of his life as civil war gave way to the reign of the first emperor Augustus.

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Selected Poems


Du Bellay, Ronsard, Anthony Mortimer

10 August 2023

Oxford World's Classics

From the gritty realism and resentment of Du Bellay to the lyric grace and frank eroticism of Ronsard, the poems of this volume testify to the many-faceted achievement of the two poets who, as leaders of the famous 'Pléiade' group, were crucial to the creation of a new national literature.

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Lykophron: Alexandra


Lykophron, Simon Hornblower

03 November 2022

Oxford World's Classics

The Alexandra, attributed to Lykophron is a minor poetic masterpiece. At 1474 lines, it is one of the most important and notoriously difficult Greek poems dating from the Hellenistic period.

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Estate Management and Symposium


Xenophon, Emily Baragwanath, Anthony Verity

28 April 2022

Oxford World's Classics

Xenophon recounted several Socratic dialogues which included his Symposium and Oeconomicus and both are concerned with Athenian private life. They are literary creations that reveal Xenophon as a skilled literary artist, an innovative thinker, and far from merely reflecting the conventional thinking of the world around him.

Cover for 9780198818311

Elegies of Chu


Nicholas Morrow Williams

27 February 2022

Oxford World's Classics

This anthology, Elegies of Chu, will provide readers with an understanding of Chinese literature, examining its evolution from free-spirited, mythico-religious songs to the more formal, polished style of the Han court.

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Poet of the Medieval Modern: Reading the Early Medieval Library with David Jones


Francesca Brooks

23 December 2021

Oxford Textual Perspectives

Studies the work of the Anglo-Welsh poet and artist David Jones (1895-1974) to explore how modern British poetry has engaged with the early medieval past in its renegotiation of local, religious, and national identities.

Cover for 9780198825951

World Medievalism: The Middle Ages in Modern Textual Culture


Louise D'Arcens

25 November 2021

Oxford Textual Perspectives

Explores the ways in which a range of modern textual cultures have continued to engage creatively with the medieval past in order to come to terms with the global present.

Cover for 9780192806864

Antigone and other Tragedies: Antigone, Deianeira, Electra


Sophocles, Oliver Taplin

28 October 2021

Oxford World's Classics

These original and distinctive verse translations convey the vitality of Sophocles' poetry and the vigour of the plays in performance, doing justice to both the sound of the poetry and the theatricality of the tragedies.

Cover for 9780192848604

Medieval English Travel: A Critical Anthology


Anthony Bale, Sebastian Sobecki

01 September 2021

The first anthology dedicated to medieval English travel writing, with a focus on the later Middle Ages. It features concise introductory essays written by leading specialists; an anthology of important and less well-known texts, grouped by destination; and a selection of supporting bibliographies organised by type of voyage.

Cover for 9780198808824

Milton's Poetical Thought: The Literary Agenda


Maggie Kilgour

12 August 2021

The Literary Agenda

At a time when literature is thought to have limited value in a world dominated by scientific thinking, this volume offers close readings of John Milton's major works to argue that poetry is a vital means of knowing the world and answering the most fundamental questions.

Cover for 9780198869641

Dante's New Life of the Book: A Philology of World Literature


Martin Eisner

18 March 2021

Oxford Textual Perspectives

Dante's New Life of the Book examines Dante's Vita nuova through its transformations in manuscripts, printed books, translations, and adaptations. Eisner investigates how these different material manifestations participate in the work, drawing attention to its distinctive elements.

Cover for 9780198854845

Sophocles: Oedipus the King: A New Verse Translation


David Kovacs

23 April 2020

Sophocles' great masterpiece, Oedipus the King, is here translated into highly-polished English verse alongside an introduction and notes to the translation which seek to make his achievements in both plot and language accessible to students at graduate, undergraduate, and secondary school level.

Cover for 9780198767718

Geoffrey Chaucer: A Very Short Introduction


David Wallace

22 August 2019

Very Short Introductions

Covering Geoffrey Chaucer's life and work, David Wallace considers the influence and enduring appeal of his body of writing, explores the wide ranging geography and iconic characters in his stories, and discusses how Chaucer's own experiences contributed to his literature.

Cover for 9780199669103

The Odyssey


Homer, Anthony Verity, William Allan

27 October 2016

Oxford World's Classics Hardback Collection

The Odyssey tells the story of the Greek hero Odysseus' epic ten year journey home after the end of the Trojan War of the Iliad. Its epic sweep has gripped generations of readers.

Cover for 9780199668496

Medieval Literature: A Very Short Introduction


Elaine Treharne

24 September 2015

Very Short Introductions

Looking at literature from Medieval Britain and Ireland, including Anglo-Latin and Anglo-Norman poetry, prose and drama, this Very Short Introduction covers the earliest beginnings of print culture, and considers major themes of these works, such as sin and salvation, kingship and authority, myth and the monstrous.

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