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A History of German: What the Past Reveals about Today's Language

Second Edition


Joseph Salmons

30 August 2018

This textbook provides a detailed introduction to the development of the German language from prehistory to the present. This second edition has been extensively revised to include coverage of syntactic change, sociolinguistics, language variation, and language contact, as well as more detailed definitions and background information for beginners.

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An Introduction to Multilingualism: Language in a Changing World


Florian Coulmas

14 December 2017

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

This book offers an introduction to the many facets of multilingualism in a changing world, bringing in approaches from linguistics, sociology, history, political philosophy, and psychology. It provides the basic tools to analyse different kinds of multilingualism, and suggests questions and problems for discussion at the end of each chapter.

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Multilingualism: A Very Short Introduction


John C. Maher

25 May 2017

Very Short Introductions

John C. Maher explains why societies everywhere have become more multilingual, despite the disappearance of hundreds of the world languages. He considers our notion of language as national or cultural identities, and discusses why nations cluster and survive around particular languages even as some territories pursue autonomy or nationhood.

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Slang: A Very Short Introduction


Jonathon Green

25 February 2016

Very Short Introductions

What words qualify as slang? Should slang be acknowledged as a language in itself? And what does the digital revolution mean for the future of slang? In this Very Short Introduction, Jonathon Green addresses these questions, considering the etymology, dating, and spelling of the words that have invaded and shaped the English language.

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Sociolinguistics: A Very Short Introduction


John Edwards

25 July 2013

Very Short Introductions

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Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction


Richard Toye

28 March 2013

Very Short Introductions

Society's attitudes to rhetoric are often very negative. Here, Richard Toye provides an engaging, historically informed introduction to rhetoric, from Ancient Greece to the present day. Wide-ranging in its scope, this Very Short Introduction is the essential starting point for understanding the art of persuasion.

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