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Veneeta Dayal

10 November 2016

Oxford Surveys in Semantics and Pragmatics

This book synthesizes and integrates 40 years of research on the semantics of questions, and its interface with pragmatics and syntax. It will be a unique resource for the novice and expert alike, and seeks to appeal to a variety of readers without compromising depth and breadth of coverage.

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Second Edition


Yan Huang

27 November 2014

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

Yan Huang's highly successful textbook on pragmatics has been fully revised and updated. It includes a brand new chapter on reference, a major topic in both linguistics and the philosophy of language, as well as new material covering subjects including conversational implicature, emotional deixis, and contextualism versus semantic minimalism.

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Making New Words: Morphological Derivation in English


R. M. W Dixon

21 August 2014

This book provides a detailed study of around 200 English prefixes and suffixes. Each affix is discussed in detail, with information on its origin, phonological form, stress placement, semantic range, and the roots it can be attached to. It will be a valuable text for those studying English language and linguistics from undergraduate level upwards

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Meaning in Language: An Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics

Third Edition


Alan Cruse

25 November 2010

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

A comprehensive introduction to the ways in which meaning is conveyed in language. Alan Cruse covers semantic matters, but also deals with topics that are usually considered to fall under pragmatics. A major aim is to highlight the richness and subtlety of meaning phenomena, rather than to expound any particular theory.

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